Randall Thom, Marine Veteran and Well Known Trump Supporter, Dead at 60

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Minnesota Marine Veteran Randall Thom was one of the Trump supporters that you could always count on to bring passion and patriotism to events…nearly 70 of them. Known as an original “Front Row Joe,” he would camp out for days to get the best spot for a Trump event. He never missed a chance to support the President and even debate those who had a differing point of view. He was killed in a traffic accident after coming home from a rally in Florida on Monday, October 19, 2020.

“Randal J. Thom, of Lakefield, died in a collision shortly before 4:30 p.m. Monday on Hwy. 169 north of St. Peter, the State Patrol said. Thom was driving his minivan south and collided with a pickup truck that also was heading south, the patrol said…

Marthamae Kottschade said she and Thom were among roughly 50 Minnesotans who attended a gathering in support of law enforcement on the White House grounds on Oct. 10. It was at that event where the president, recovering from COVID-19, appeared on the balcony and removed his mask.

“Randal always said, ‘I have a better chance of dying in a car crash than I do from COVID,’ ” Kottschade said.

Kottschade, of Rochester, said Thom was driving home from the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities Airport after flying to Florida for a pro-Trump flotilla from the Jupiter Inlet to the president’s backyard at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.” Star Tribune

He loved America, was a lover of animals, and had been through many ups and downs in his life. But above all, he was a Marine, and a patriot.

Jim Hagedorn is Thom’s Representative in the House:

On President’s Day in February, Thom and his Trump supporting friends braved the snow and ice in Mankato for “Operation Flag Drop” to show their support for the President.(Keyc.com)  His enthusiasm for the President was contagious.

“We motivate people to get up and get off the couch and not be silent anymore. We’ve been silent too long and people need to understand that we are proud of our president, we are not ashamed of our president and we’re tired of us not being able to be who we are as supporters for our great president.” Randal Thom

Randall Thom:  Veteran of the Beirut bombing in 1983

“During his 4 years as a marine his entire battalion died in the Lebanon marine/sailor massacre where 241 marines were murdered by a terrorist.  I remember that Oct. 23, 1983  event.  Randall lived it.  His life changed.  His new friends and new family were dead.  He completed his 4 year service but received a medical discharge summary from the marines.

The suffering continued.  HIs brother Bill was killed in the Sierra Nevada mountains as they flew an airplane.  The loss of his brother set a 20 year trajectory of running from God.  He experienced substance abuse but just as our President has changed our country, he reached into Randalls’ heart.  Randall saw the President in Iowa and has dedicated his life to the election and re-election of our President.”  Mary Susan Timion on GoFundMe

Pastor Dewey Moede had this to say about Randall Thom:

Randy served our Country in the U.S. Marines, he was so very faithful to America. He loved this Country, he was the greatest Trump supporter ever! Most importantly he LOVES JESUS! Now he is reunited with his Mom, Dad, and brother Darrell and all those that have gone before him. Not easy at all for all of his family and hundreds of friends here on earth, but we rest in the assurance he is with JESUS!

PS: Over the years Randy would send me souvenirs from his visits to see the Twins play! He was so very, very giving of himself! I will always remember him as JOLLY RANDY! He loved his doggies so very much! I got to visit his farm when I was in Windom a few years ago when Randy was giving me a ride to the Sioux Falls Airport after the Windom Revival! He loved that farm so much!

God Bless the memory of Randall Thom!

R.I.P. Patriot Randall Thom, and thank you for your service both in the US Marines and for President Trump. Let us honor your legacy by re-electing Donald J,. Trump on November 3rd!


Featured photo:  GoFundMe photo for “Front Row Joe” Randal Thom via Mary Susan Timion, founder of Women for Trump

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