Ramadan -a Month of Death and Terror

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Ramadan is supposed to be a month of fasting for Muslims. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars (fundamental religious duties) of Islam. It is a time of self-examination and increased religious devotion. Or so they say. Ramadan runs from June 17th to July 17th.


Or is it?

Islamic State group spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani has a different view.  On June 24th, al-Adnani called on  Muslims to engage in jihad and become martyrs during the holy fasting month of Ramadan.  Al-Adnani said,

“The best acts that bring you closer to God are jihad, so hurry to it and make sure to carry out the invasion this holy month and be exposed to martyrdom in it.”

No Happy Birthday

In addition to jihad and terror, Ramadan coincides with the first anniversary of ISIS.  That’s right,  the once JV team (Obama’s team really missed the target on that one) celebrated its first anniversary on June 29th.   The yipping, yelling and killing of innocents  could be heard across the land.

A reign of terror


Their reign of terror across the Middle East has been nonstop. According to accounts, ISIS members in Mosul chose to make an example of an elderly woman.  Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq, and the first major city to fall to ISIS after US forces withdrew from Iraq.

The 80 year old Christian woman refused to convert to Islam.  For that terrible crime, ISIS members executed her by setting her ablaze, burning her alive. They also burned a 20 year old  alive because she refused to commit a sexual act.

US Warns of Terror Threat

For many Muslims, there is a belief that jihad during Ramadan will be rewarded 10 fold.  It is for this reason that there are even more terror attacks during this month.

As we previously reported, Federal authorities have warned local law enforcement officials across the country about a heightened concern involving possible terror attacks targeting the July 4th holiday.

Following the attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said local law enforcement was being encouraged to be “vigilant and prepared” in preparation for July 4th celebrations.  Johnson said,

“We will also adjust security measures, seen and unseen, as necessary to protect the American people.  We continue to encourage all Americans to attend public events and celebrate this country during this summer season, but always remain vigilant.”

Intolerance IS Islam

While the SCOTUS was defining same-sex marriage as a constitutional right, the death cult known as ISIS continues to grow its brand of hate and intolerance.   Muslims, followers of Islam, display their inability to accept anything not Islam.

One thing is certain, Islam and Muslims are consistent.  Whether ancient statues carved thousands of years ago, or women’s rights, or homosexuals, these Muslims, act exactly as the Koran says they should, destroy or kill anything opposing Islam.

From calling for the death of anyone mocking the pedophile Mohammed, to throwing gay men to their deaths from atop a building, ISIS and Islam continue to display why they  are a death cult and must be destroyed.

For the good of the world and free people everywhere,

“ISIS, and Islam, as they exist today, must be eradicated from the earth.”

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