Rallies Around the Nation in Support of the 2nd Amendment

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Counter rallies in support of the Second Amendment are scheduled for several weekends all across the nation in response to the choreographed anti-gun march called “March for Our Lives.” “March for Our Rights” organizers were everything from students to adults. In one march in Sandpoint, Idaho (a Constitutional carry state), participants were urged to open carry. Another walkout in Florida set for March 30 was mostly students.

And this one in a small town in North Idaho

Students from Rockledge High School in Florida staged a walkout  in support of the 2nd Amendment at 10:40 a.m. on Friday, March 30. Their intent was to speak up about maintaining their Constitutional rights after the school district supported a walk out for gun control.

One commenter of the student march, Marcia stated: “Amazing! These kids know what their signs mean and can talk intelligently and calmly. CNN is not there! Surprise!!! and they don’t have the money to March on Washington!”

And they did- those interviewed by Space Coast Daily were articulate and knew exactly what they were marching for, unlike many in the other march.  One person tried to claim that the kids were “actors” but another commenter shut her down immediately by stating her son was there and knew the kids involved.

Last weekend, both students and adults in Idaho, a state with ‘Constitutional Carry,’ marched at the same time as the “March for our lives” on the 24th. They assembled at a location known as the “Long Bridge” and according to news reports, both marches were peaceful and not confrontational. Even though the marchers were encouraged to carry, not all of them did.

The Sandpoint Reader reported,

“March for Our Rights” participant Ron Korn said he believes the problems lie not with guns, but with people, especially our federal law enforcement agencies.

“Look at the Parkland shooting,” he said. “The FBI did not do their job. They dropped the ball. There were 39 law enforcement contacts with that kid. What happened there? The armed guards (at the school) also didn’t do their job.”

Korn said he supported arming teachers and school resource officers, but only if they were properly trained.

“They need to be qualified, like a deputy,” he said. “Gun free zones don’t work because it’s a hunting ground for these idiots.”

There are more marches for the 2nd Amendment scheduled around the country in the weeks ahead. The pro-2A folks may not have Soros’ billions of dollars behind them, but they have passion. They know that self-defense is imperative in this world filled with volatile people.

  • Joe from Hell

    what they want to do is ban guns ……the right to self defense is a right to life….. no one does time for killing in self defense….. and just how is one to defend themselves??? if not with a gun… a phone??? not likely…

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