Raid in Afghanistan Takes Out Another ISIS-K Leader

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As the US investigates the deaths of two Army Rangers in a raid on April 27, they received confirmation on Sunday night that one of ISIS-K’s top leaders was among those killed during the engagement. Sheikh Abdul Hasib is a confirmed kill.

“This is the second ISIS-K emir we have killed in nine months, along with dozens of their leaders and hundreds of their fighters. For more than two years, ISIS-K has waged a barbaric campaign of death, torture and violence against the Afghan people, especially those in southern Nangarhar. Any ISIS member that comes to Afghanistan will meet the same fate.” U.S. Army Gen. John Nicholson

According to the Aviationist,
Efforts to neutralize ISIS-K leader Sheikh Abdul Hasib were accelerated following a deadly terrorist raid directed by Hasib earlier this year on March 8. The ISIS-K terrorists dressed in hospital uniforms to infiltrate the Sardar Mohammed Daud Khan hospital in Afghanistan after one of their suicide bombers initiated the attack by blowing himself up at the south gate of the facility. Over 30 people were killed in the hospital following the six-hour attack by the terrorists.

The Rangers from the 3rd Battalion, 75th Regiment were spearheading a combined air/ground operation in cooperation with Afghan forces that included armed surveillance RPV’s, U.S. Air Force F-16s and an Air Force AC-130 gunship along with U.S. Army AH-64 Apache gunship helicopters. Over 50 Army Rangers participated in the raid that lasted “several hours” and began at approximately 22:30 local time under cover of darkness. The Rangers were inserted into the area by helicopter.”

The raid targeted the top leadership of ISIS-K and they were successful. Unfortunately, these terrorists are like a ball of snakes and can untangle themselves relatively quickly. There always seems to be a new leader emerge, so the fight continues.

No details have been released involving the investigation into possible friendly fire in the deaths of Rangers Sgt Thomas and Sgt Rodgers.


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