Rachel Maddow Bombs After “Scoop” on Trump Taxes

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Update on Rachel Maddow story: Uncle Sam’s received an email from David Cay Johnston at the Daily Beast stating that Maddow was not the first to release the documents. He states that he reported the tax documents at a website he created called DCReport.org. He seemed quite angry that we didn’t credit him for the first release of the tax forms. A little jealousy?

He said we inserted a graphic that stated the New York Times paid zero taxes, which is not correct. Our graphic showed the tax rate for Comcast only which was 24%, not zero. We simply included a tweet from @MuhammadFTrump that stated the New York Times paid zero. Yes we removed it.

OK, maybe he should be the one that goes to jail. All that I…I…I…Me…My stuff gets old after a while. Obviously he feels slighted that he wasn’t in the limelight more. Oh, and his pedigree was listed on the email. Maybe that whole thing was because President Trump said he was a “reporter nobody ever heard of.”

Original Story:

Trump had a great night last night. Rachel Maddow, idiot liberal reporter for MSNBC, hyped her release of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return so hard that all the haters were expecting it to take him down once and for all. Well…not so much. She was mocked incessantly on Social Media after her babbling for 23 minutes caused people to wait for the big moment that never came. At the release of her two pages of his tax return…she proved that Donald Trump pays his taxes.

Liberals lose big

Just prior to the show, the White House released that year’s taxes and it showed that he paid $38 Million. But wait! Democrats/Hillary have been pushing the idea that Trump never paid ANY taxes for 18 years. So in a way, Maddow did Donald a favor. Even if she did end up with egg on her face.

Jail Bait?

But most importantly, Rachel Maddow broke Federal law by releasing Trump’s 2005 tax return. She allegedly got the returns from David Cay Johnston, columnist at the Daily Beast, who accused the White House of changing the numbers from $36.5 Million to $38. Million. (Oooh) He alleged that he got them “over the transom” from somebody, unknown who.

Note: the actual number listed on the tax forms is $36,142,505. The number directly below that is $2,222,945. adding the 2 together gets over $38 Million.

Of course, some of the libs are now claiming that the return was “planted,” but all in all it was a good night for Donald Trump. He properly pays his taxes, and at a higher rate than their messiah Obama.

Should Rachel Maddow and David Johnston go to jail? That would be petty revenge. But it would be kind of fun to watch.

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