Race Card a Red Herring – Thoughts of HK Edgerton

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HK Edgerton is a Black Southerner whose forefathers fought with the Confederacy. Over the years he has “posted” the Confederate flag at monuments all over the South- some of which have been recently removed now. He’s been spat on, jeered, attacked, called every name in the book, and treated like a true “second class citizen.” But he continues telling Southerners the truth, standing tall amid growing controversy and hatred.

[From HK Edgerton*]

Dear Ms. Lunelle:

While I am deeply saddened by the loss of the young woman in Charlottesville, Virginia; it is my opinion that her mother’s accounting of the reason for that loss is deeply wrong. She did not lose her life to silence her voice. She lost it because a deranged young man rightfully feared for the safety of the lives of his family and compatriots, and took the wrong course of action to save and defend them from the thugs so called counter protestors. Whose modus operandi funded by George Soros is to disrupt violently any gathering of Southern Heritage Defenders.

God bless President Trump, Abby Huntsman, and Laura Ingraham of Fox News for getting it right. No matter how one feels about those folks who came to voice their opposition for the removal of the Confederate monument; they had a permit to do so, and as citizens of the United States, a first amendment right to express peacefully those concerns.

Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer  of Fox News, like so many other Southern haters got it all wrong. Neither have been on the ground when the haters of Soros come. This is not about race.

Where was the outcry over the murder of my dear friend Anthony Hervey , a Southern Black man, and decorated Vietnam War hero, who was murdered because he had the audacity to stand and defend the memory of the fallen Confederate dead, and to protest the removal of the Confederate soldiers monument in Birmingham, Alabama?

Juan and Charles have not been on the ground when the thugs come. They were the ones who threatened to put me in a box if I spoke on the Capitol grounds in Columbia, South Carolina on the anniversary of South Carolina’s secession.

These same thugs are the ones who came to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with their whistles and foul language; pushing and shoving those who came to hear me speak about the place of honor earned by the Red, Yellow, Brown Black and White Confederate soldiers whose memory was placed intact by the presence of the Confederate monument on the campus grounds.

The same so called White Nationalist, Ku Klux Klan, and many, many decent White folks who came to protest the removal of these monuments watched events unfold in New Orleans as the same Black woman who was riding in the car with Anthony, and watched him take his last breath, stood in New Orleans and watched her car windows smashed, all her tires cut, a Molotov cocktail thrown on a elderly White man in a wheel chair as he sat beside her. And the other ladies of whom one was a Jew and staunch defender of the Southern cause as they protested the removal of the Confederate monuments, have their lives threatened as the New Orleans police just looked on, and vowed they would not succumb to the same.

These same thugs are the same ones who brought their violent behavior to my home town of Asheville, North Carolina during then candidate Trump’s run for President; pushing, threatening violence upon those of us who came to hear and support candidate Trump. I personally had to warn one young White girl to keep her hands and body off of me.

The race card is a Red Herring used to divide White and Black folks in the South. Had Juan and Charles had any knowledge of the Pole Bearers and United Knights Monumental Association whose charge included to regain the love, friendship and trusting relationship of the Southern White man that was almost pushed asunder, as the African people of the South were duped by those under the rule of Thaddeus Stephens who headed up the so called Reconstruction in the South.

There are many, many Black folks whose voices have not been heard, who remain loyal to the Southland of America just as their ancestors were, in lieu of the economic institution of slavery that the whole world was complicit in. God bless you!

           Your Brother,             www.southernheritage411.com
Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Southern Legal Resource Center

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