R9X – Secret Ninja Bomb, or Flying Ginsu To Reduce Civilian Casualties

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Dubbed the “Flying Ginsu” or “Ninja Bomb,” the R9X carries no explosive payload. But it is lethal – and designed to take out targets without the collateral damage of ordinary bombs and missiles. It will kill a target with 6 blades that shred ..hence its nickname “Flying Ginsu” or “Ninja Bomb.” It was designed to reduce civilian deaths.

WeAreTheMighty reported,

The US has developed a secret missile to kill terrorists in precision strikes without harming civilians nearby, and it has already proven its worth in the field, The Wall Street Journal reported on May 9, 2019, citing more than a dozen current and former US officials.

The R9X is a modified version of the Hellfire missile. Instead of exploding, the weapon uses sheer force to kill its target. “To the targeted person, it is as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky,” The Journal wrote.

What makes the weapon especially deadly is that it carries six long blades that extend outward just before impact, shredding anything in its path. The R9X is nicknamed “The Flying Ginsu,” a reference to a type of high-quality chef’s knife.

The R9X was reportedly used in January 2019 during a mission to take out Jamal al-Badawi, one of the “masterminds” of the USS Cole bombing. Because it had been kept a secret for a long time, people who saw the wreckage couldn’t understand why the vehicle wasn’t burned out as it would have been if a Hellfire missile had been used, according to the Military Times.

It has only been used handful of times so far, in operations in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. It was developed in 2011 during the Obama administration as an alternative to exploding missiles.

Featured photo: screenshot via The Sun UK

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