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The Las Vegas shooting inconsistencies, as well as facts, appear to be a deep rabbit hole, and many are wondering if the Feds are lying about some of the issues. At the very least, it appears Paddock was assisted.  And he did NOT just “snap” – all of it was premeditated, and meticulously planned.

“Do you think this was all accomplished on his own? You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point… Don’t you think that the concealment of his life was premeditated?” Sheriff Lombardo Oct 4

“This investigation is not ended with the demise of Mr. Paddock. Did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us?” Sheriff Lombardo Oct 3

Those two statements by Sheriff Joseph Lombardo speak volumes. He also stated in one of his press conferences that he knew some things and wasn’t telling the reporters.

Mystery guest?

Paddock reportedly had a guest in his hotel room at the Mandalay Bay, although his girlfriend was supposedly overseas. The receipt clearly says he was in the room on 9-27-2017, not Sept 28th as previously stated by the FBI. The hotel records indicate he was there from 9-25, which is more logical, based on his stay at an other hotel in Law Vegas prior.

Question: Marilou Danley is 62 years old. Not exactly a “young” Asian woman. Was this “young woman” the one who supposedly warned concert goers they were going to die?


It was revealed by Sheriff Lombardo on October 4th, that Stephen Paddock didn’t just have ammonium nitrate, he also had 10- one pound packages and 2- twenty pound packages of Tannerite. (See video)

“Tannerite detonations occur at a very high velocity, producing a large explosion and cloud. It is marketed as a target designator that is useful for long range target practice: the shooter does not need to walk down-range to see if the target has been hit, as the Tannerite will detonate and serve as a highly visible indicator.” Wikipedia

No military or police training, and yet the shooter had a plethora of firearms and explosives that are used to designate targets that have been hit. Paddock was said to have been attempting to buy tracer rounds at a Phoenix gun show, but the vendor didn’t have any. Those might have provided him greater accuracy by illuminating the path of his shots…it also would have brought police slightly quicker to his hotel room.

Did someone train him? If so, who?

Questions about other hotel rooms and Cameras

Sheriff Lombardo mentioned that a video and other items had been found at Paddock’s other room at the Ogden Hotel in Las Vegas, and they were “evaluating” them. Paddock rented a room at that hotel from 9-22 to 9-24 during the “Life is Beautiful” music festival. He reportedly also rented rooms during other music festivals in other cities.

The Sheriff also stated that none of the cameras Paddock set up at the Mandalay Bay recorded anything – that seems strange. Why go to the trouble of putting cameras on the room service cart, peephole, and a baby monitor camera inside the main room of the suite if they didn’t record anything? Or were all record of any videos removed?

Jesus Campos was the Mandalay Bay security guard who was shot in the leg by Paddock as he went to ‘investigate an alarm’ from an open door nearby. He was shot through the door to Paddock’s suite. After that the shooting stopped. Police who came to talk with with the guard waited until SWAT arrived before breaching the door. They also had to breach the door to the locked other room of the suite and said they found no one inside.

Firearms and the jihadi connection?

Paddock reportedly shot in another direction as well as the concert venue- at fuel tanks at McCarran International Airport, about 1,100 yards from the hotel. Paddock used to work for Lockheed Martin- he owned two planes and held at least one pilot’s license, possibly more.

This graphic was posted by the ISIS media Amaq on October 5 – they continue to insist that Paddock was one of their “soldiers.”

Counter-terrorism experts not compromised by the government are assessing that the Las Vegas shooting was a jihadi operation. Immediately after the shooting, the FBI too quickly claimed no connection to ISIS. Why?

  1. Last spring the Islamic State released a video targeting Las Vegas using a red smear effect to show “blood” over the city.
  2. In September, the Islamic State issued another threat against Las Vegas.
  3. Last week the Islamic state published a message in one of their media outlets admonishing Muslims to avoid large gatherings of non-Muslims, specifically including large events where thousands of people gather… UTT

“Why is there a pen and a piece of paper blank on the table? Did he refuse to write a death letter? Why is the rifle above his leg if he shot himself? Why are there clean bullet casings above his blood – shouldn’t there be blood on them?…” Rick Ferran

Warning: graphic photo

Why is there a tattoo of the number 13 on his throat in one picture and not in the death picture?At least it appears to be a tattoo on an undated photo. Did someone kill him? If it was planned to kill all those people, why only use 2 of the guns? He had a literal arsenal in his room and other weapons in his residence in Mesquite, with another residence in Reno. Was it another “Fast and Furious” type operation that went bad?

There is almost too much information out there. Questions must be asked, particularly when Federal government lies such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, and Fast and Furious exist.  We can only hope that Sheriff Lombardo won’t be muzzled by the Justice Department from saying what he knows when this is all over.


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  • nicholas abraham lopez

    Domestic terrorist until more revealed

  • Jeff Whalen

    If he was shooting down the hallway those shots would be muffled because he was away from the window. Then when he goes back and sticks the gun out the window to continue shooting people. That would account for the video where the shots sounded far away then real close 20 seconds later.

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