Quebec City Stabbings – Madman With a Sword Kills 2, Injures 5

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Quebec City, Canada –  On Halloween night at around 10:30 p.m. local time in the walled part of the city, a man parked his vehicle near the “landmark hotel” Château Frontenac. He then proceeded to randomly slice people with a sword. Two died, the other five had severe cuts, but they were expected to survive. Police found the vehicle running, and a sword sheath and gas cans in the car.

“Last night we were thrust into a night of horror when a 24-year-old man who does not live in Quebec City came here with the clear intention of taking as many victims as possible.” Quebec City Police Chief Robert Pigeon

The Canadian paper Globe and Mail reported,

“…police later found a car in front of the hotel, its engine still running, with a sword sheath and cans of gasoline inside.

The suspect then moved on foot through the winding streets and public stairways of the historic district. Victims appeared to have been targeted at random. “He intended to have as many victims as possible,” Chief Pigeon said.

A witness told the radio station FM93 that he was near the water fountain in front of the National Assembly, outside the walled district. “We heard someone shout ‘there’s a sicko with a knife!’ Further away we heard screams. It was Halloween. In the beginning we thought it was pranks, then …”

Police surrounded the upper town with patrol cars, two tactical units and canine squads, ordering residents to remain indoors.

The suspect was identified as Carl Girouard, 24, from Sainte Therese. Police said he was dressed in medieval garb, likely as a Japanese Samarai, and was carrying a Japanese Katana (sword). Police stated that that attack was premeditated, but the choosing of the victims was random. They believe the man did it for “personal reasons” rather than religious or ideological one. Two of the victims were French nationals that lived in Quebec City for several years.

Suspect was arrested – Twitter photo

Girouard has a history of mental illness and threatened to harm others previously. According to authorities, the threats were made in a “medical context” not a criminal one. He has no prior criminal record. He faces charges of First Degree Murder (2) and Attempted Murder (5), according to CTV. His first appearance was Sunday via video hearing.

The attacks occurred in 4 different areas of Quebec City and went on for more than two hours. reported,

The body of the first victim was found on du Tresor Street, near the Chateau Frontenac hotel, according to the CBC. According to Le Soleil, the first victim was “slaughtered,” and had a wound “pierced” through the upper body, and there was a lot of blood. The second was located on des Remparts Street. Police were searching for the suspect for more than two hours.

Authorities said at a press conference that Girouard was arrested near the Old Port of Quebec about 1 a.m. on November 1. He was spotted by a security officer at the port, according to police. Girouard was barefoot and lying on the ground before he was taken into custody, Le Soleil reports. He did not show any resistance to police and raised his arms, the newspaper reports. He had the sword with him, according to Le Soleil

The suspect was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated after showing signs of hypothermia, officials said at a press conference. He has since been taken to a police station to be questioned.

After a manhunt police located the suspect at 12:50 a.m. at the waterfront on Sunday. A Harbor Security Guard spotted the man and notified police, who arrived and hauled him off in handcuffs. He was taken to the hospital prior to questioning because he was “suffering from hpyothermia.”

“VERY STRONG POLICE PRESENCE AROUND THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY #QUÉBEC A man dressed in sought-after medieval attire. Knife attack. Possible injured.” Jordan Proust on Twitter

The two victims murdered were Francois Duchesne and Suzanne Clermont.

Featured photo: Screenshot of the moment Girouard was arrested by police via NTV Houston


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