Putin Won ‘Landslide’ Loaded Dice Vote – Can Rule Russia Until 2036

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Color me shocked: Russian President Vladimir Putin won a “landslide” vote in the election to allow him to stay in power until 2036. The election over a Constitutional amendment that would allow it passed with 78% of the vote. Of the other votes, 21% were against it.  Hope nobody was able to figure who THOSE folks were.

The referendum on 206 Constitutional amendments, including the tenure of Vladimir Putin, was originally set for April but postponed due to the Coronavirus. With about a 65% turnout, Putin won. Although after he leaves office, Presidents are limited to two terms.

The Russian Media outlet RT reported,

The proposed amendments, the bulk of which are dedicated to social issues, have grabbed headlines in the West because they also redefine eligibility for the presidency and could theoretically provide President Vladimir Putin with a chance to stay in power for two more terms.

Other changes include a state guarantee of a minimum wage above subsistence level; a mandatory adjustment of pensions according to inflation; the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman; a ban on top government officials holding foreign passports; and restricting future presidents to serving only two terms. There was some controversy about the new document also including a mention of God in relation to the country’s heritage.

The final day of voting largely proceeded incident-free, although several hundred people in Moscow and several dozen in St. Petersburg took to the streets to voice their opposition to the overhaul. The rally in the Russian capital was peaceful, and saw police officers handing out protective masks to the predominantly young activists.

The results at one polling station in Moscow were nullified, and an investigation launched, but Russian authorities stated it wouldn’t affect the overall tally. The incident was captured on camera and revealed possible ballot box stuffing.

Loaded Dice

According to Breitbart, the entire package of Constitutional amendments was put on the ballot with only an up or down vote allowed. In other words, citizens could not vote against any one measure listed in the amendments, only vote for all or none. Handy, right?

An independent vote monitor, Golos, stated that the election was rigged from the start. In some cases State-owned company owners “ordered their employees to march out and vote in favor of Putin’s amendments, with explicit threats that their jobs were on the line. The notorious practice of bribing voters with lottery games and grocery vouchers was reported at polling places across the country. Putin took a bit of a gamble by putting his legitimacy up for a vote, but the dice were clearly loaded.” (Breitbart)

So Russian President Vladimir Putin won another “election.” What a surprise.

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  • jrgingrich

    It their ‘young protesters’ are anything like ours perhaps they haven’t a clue. Regardless of what we think of Putin, he has been a strong leader for his country. Protecting his citizens regardless of worldwide pressure.
    I recall a news report during the Olympics where people of a small community in Russia complained loudly against their government, the issue was bypassing their town with a new freeway. The fact that they loudly and openly with their names and faces appearing on international media, against their government has made me suspicion of our media reports of oppression of the Russian people. Considering how untrustworthy our media has proven to be perhaps this vote was legit.

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