Putin Thanks Trump for Tip that Foiled Terror Plot Against Kazan Cathedral

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The CIA provided a tip to Russia regarding ISIS terrorists who were planning  a suicide bombing in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. The Russian FSB arrested 7 men in a raid. Putin called President Trump to thank him for the CIA tip… an act which probably made some people’s heads spin. He also expressed his gratitude to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, which Trump passed along.

Putin assured the President that Russia would convey any information on planned attacks against the United States. The President stated that the United States ws pleased to have “saved many lives.”

The arrested men allegedly planned to accomplish a suicide bombing of the Kazan Cathedral, as well as several other attacks in crowded areas of St. Petersburg over the weekend.

The seven men were in possession of explosives, automative weapons, and what was described as “extremist literature.”


According to the CBC in Canada, the FSB arrested several ISIS followers last week after learning of a suicide plot to occur on New Years Eve.

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