Puerto Rico Senator Abel Nazario and 7 Others Arrested For Bribery

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The corruption cases continue for Puerto Rico. On Wednesday, Senator Abel Nazario was arrested by the FBI on Bribery charges, along with 7 others in San Juan. His full name is Abel Nazario-Quinones.

Abel Nazario maintains his innocence in the case, even though numerous other Puerto Rican officials have been biting the dust in recent weeks. The President of the PR Senate, Thomas Rivera Shatz asked for his resignation upon hearing of the arrest.

“It is unfortunate for him and his family, but even more so for the people of Puerto Rico who watch with anguish events that lacerate the trust in government institutions.” Thomas Rivera (Breitbart)

Nazario was serving as a “Senator- at- large” in the 26th Puerto Rico Senate.

Abel Nazarios was previously arrested in September of 2018 for falsifying documents and wire fraud. While Mayor of the city of Yauco, according to the US Attorney’s Office, he withheld wages totalling over $588,961.43 to 177 city workers, even though he had been under court order to pay them.

He is still awaiting trial for that case.

This latest arrest is an entirely different case that still involved payroll manipulation, and federal funds. Instructing people to leave their “hours of work” blank and just sign the slips for five “irregular” employees.

The US Attorney wrote on  November 6,

“These five irregular employees sporadically completed time and attendance records, and when they did, Torres-Gutiérrez instructed them to simply sign them and leave the hours worked portion blank.

Defendant Abel Nazario-Quiñones ordered defendants Torres-Gutiérrez and Rodríguez-Canchani to direct employees of the Department of Human Resources, either verbally or in writing, to process payroll for the five irregular employees based on false or no documentation to support the payment of wages. Rodríguez-Canchani ordered at least one employee of the Human Resources Department to assist her in creating false time and attendance records and then manipulated the falsely created time and attendance sheets in such a way as to make them appear old.”

The Puerto Rico Governor stepping down, the allegations of withholding aid to hurricane Maria victims, the arrest of the former director of the Puerto Rico Senate Government Affairs Office…it’s an embarrassment to the Island.

Featured photo: Official photo Abel Nazario Quinones


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