Protesters Burn American Flag At RNC

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Protesters Burn American Flag At RNC

“Hey you’re on Fire, Stupid! You’re on Fire!” Cleveland officer

A protester attempted to light an American Flag on fire, but caught himself on fire as well. A Cleveland police officer shouted at him.

At that point officers on horseback and bicycles moved forward and handcuffed some of the rowdy protesters in what appeared to be a melee of media and protesters. No media were arrested.

Police are documenting the protests.


The Wall Street Journal Reported,

Police said two of their officers were assaulted, suffering minor injuries. It was not immediately clear how many people were charged with crimes as a result of the incident.

Until Wednesday afternoon there had been no arrests for violent incidents related to convention protests. There were five previous arrests – for climbing flagpoles, one person with an outstanding warrant, and another for trying to steal a trooper’s gas mask.

According to Cleveland police, there were 17 arrests today so far, and 5 yesterday. Considering the size of the crowd and the threats by protesters, that’s pretty tame. It may be due to that fact that only a handful of permits to protest were issued by the city.

In spite of the “skirmishes” today, thus far, things have been less of an uproar than expected. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Featured photo is from Twitter via the Wall Street Journal

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