Protester Returns USS Reno Flag Stolen During Looting

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Reno, Nevada- In an amazing and totally unexpected act, a WWII flag from the USS Reno (CL-96) that was stolen from a display at Reno City hall on Saturday during the riots, was anonymously returned with a note to reporter Kenzie Margiott who first told the story.

Screenshot of photo by Kenzie Margiott

The glass in the display case holding the flag was broken, and the flag disappeared on Saturday. City officials figured they’d never see it again. The flag was donated to the city by the US Navy.

Photo via Reno City Hall

Kenzie Margiott, daughter of a Marine Veteran, wrote about the theft of the flag (MyNews4). On Tuesday, she received a package with her name on it at the news station. After the box was “sprayed down,” she opened it and found the flag in a bag with a note that read:

 “Needed protecting. Looters were flag burning. RIP Gorge [sic] Floyd.”

Kenzie contacted the Mayor’s office and returned it to Vice-Mayor Devon Reese.

Someone, presumably with the protesters, found a shred of humanity and respect for history.

Screenshot of photo by Kenzie Margiott

History- the USS Reno

The men of the USS Reno are credited with shooting down at least six enemy aircraft in just one three day battle between October 12 and 14, 1944. At the height of that battle, the USS Reno’s turret was damaged and partly incapacitated when hit by a Japanese Imperial Navy torpedo plane. The Turret Officer managed to continue his defensive fire in spite of the damage.

In her historic travels, the USS Reno went through damage from Japanese torpedoes, having to sink the USS Princeton because of damage as they attempted to save the crew,  and being towed 1500 miles to the Ulithi Atoll for repairs. After the repairs, she again entered the battles of the Pacific, including Iwo Jima. The ship never quit. She wasn’t decommissioned until November, 1946.

Someone did the right thing. In the midst of looters burning flags, this person saved the historic one. At a time when it seems like younger folks don’t understand America, this person remembered something important and took action to save it from destruction.

The city will re-display the flag in a “more secure” display.

Featured photo: screenshot of Kenzie Margiott photo


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