Protest Clashes in Virginia Prompt McAuliffe to Declare Emergency

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Emancipation Park, Charlottesville, VA – Militia, Antifa, and what the media are calling “alt-right” faced off in Charlottesville, Virginia over the city’s decision to remove yet another Confederate Statue of Robert E. Lee. After declaring the rally illegal, there were not only scuffles and violence, but a vehicle drove into the crowd of counter-protesters.

It began Friday night with a torch procession at the University of Virginia. By Saturday, the scheduled rally in Emancipation Park became so large that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared the rally an “illegal assembly” and issued a “State of Emergency” over the “Unite the Right” rally.

Scuffles at the Unite the Right rally – screenshot via Fox

Jason Kessler, a right wing blogger, had sued the city when they were told they would have to move their rally to a different location, citing safety concerns with the size of the crowd expected. His argument was that the city’s statement was a violation of free speech. Judge Glen Conrad agreed and granted the injunction against the city.

Chaos in a small park

The situation appears to have not grown out of hand until the appearance of Antifa. Some of the right side protesters showed up with shields, some of the left with sticks. Both had pepper spray. The Unite the Right side is a mix of KKK/White Supremacists and regular protesters. The left side is a mix of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. A volatile mix.

Keep in mind that the source of the next few tweets is a liberal reporter.

Governor McAuliffe was asked by the Virginia State Police to declare a State of Emergency so they could get more resources to help with the crowd. According to Virginia code they can declare an assembly unlawful and make arrests.

Both sides used pepper spray on each other. At least two people were injured. White Supremacist David Duke joined the protest. Tempers flared. One Black Lives Matter supporter was waving a Palestinian flag, which infuriated the right wing protesters. By this afternoon, a vehicle had driven into the crowd of counter protesters, at this writing injuries are unknown.


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  • Bob

    How ridiculous. How can a statue cause so much trouble. Now that people protest against it dumbasses come out of the wood work. For the hundred millionth time. The civil war was over a tax not so honest Abe put on the people that the south would pay 80% of. They wanted out of the union because of it. Not one man in the south died to keep a slave. When this tax had such repercussions that’s when not so honest Abe threw up slavery. As each state joined the union one wouldhave slaves the next wouldn’t. Just so happened they were mostly in the south. You want to bitch about history then know something about it first. You want a statue removed? Remove the Lincoln Memorial. He freed no one. Slaves had no more rights after the war than before. He also was a slave owner. Now remove this fraud and hypocrite from our nations capitol

  • William Wilburn

    The statue is not causing any trouble. The statue is just sitting there minding it’s own business like it has been for the last 117 years.
    The trouble is being caused by liberals who think that free speech only applies to speech that they agree with. The trouble is being caused by the democrat party pandering to this group, that group and the other group for votes by letting them have whatever they whine for even though the next thing they do negates the last thing they did. Nobody who is being babied even notices because they are happy they got their way at the expense of others losing their rights.

    The trouble is being caused by groups like antifa who claim to be “anti-fascists” while standing on a fascist platform.
    The trouble is being caused by black lies matter – a group that was founded on a lie “hands up don’t shoot”
    The trouble is being caused by BAMN – a group that encourages violence by all the liberal groups as a way of getting what they want.
    The trouble is being caused by groups like the KKK championing one race over another.
    The trouble is being caused by the American public school system indoctrinating American youth with a fictional version of history instead of education our youth with the truth.
    The trouble is being caused by a lying media who serve their masters by spreading propaganda instead of reporting news.

    The statue is causing no trouble at all. The problems are because people have become whiny little entitled sissies who would rather get their own way than allow everyone to have the same rights, you know, equality ……..

    And in closing
    The trouble is being caused by people spreading false information like you did in your comment when you said that Abraham Lincoln was a slave owner. That is simply not true. Not only did Abraham Lincoln never own slaves there were zero Republicans ever in the history of The United States that owned even one single slave. Abraham Lincoln started the Republican Party to end the slave ownership of the democrat slave owners. Yes, every single slave owner was a democrat. You know, the same democrats that started the KKK to fight the Republican Party so they would not have to give up their slaves …………..

    I am the leader of a Patriot Militia. We chose to sit this one out because these people are fighting for the wrong reasons under the disguise of fighting for free speech.

  • Brother Doug

    I think we are getting closer to another un-civil war. I will stand with my POTUS

  • Bob

    Bravo William. Very well said but yes according to history Abe Lincoln did own slaves. I am a southern man that nor has any of my family ever had a slave. I don’t agree with any of these groups in this KKK, Black Lives Matter Antifa etc… Our country has become intolerable of anything or anyone that has a different opinion. No one can agree to disagree. I read a study once that said violence comes mostly from people with lower IQ’s because they don’t have the intelligence to deal with problems any other way

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