Professor Felix Coe Forced Students to Remove Shoes and Praise Allah Before Entering Office

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Professor Felix Coe was a biology instructor at the University of Connecticut, according to the Washington Times. He posted signs on his door that stated  “remove shoes before entry” and “knock first request entry, and say “bismillah.”  Bismillah means “in the name of allah.” A video was taken in December 2017 of his actions, so the school removed the signs on his door. He retired after the video was taken.

But let’s think about this. The school could not have been oblivious to the signs, they were clearly on his door. He did not likely just begin telling students to “get the hell out” only at the time of the video.

Campus Reform reported,

“The footage in the video was originally taken in December 2017, and also contains an audio clip, from an unspecified date, of Coe interacting with a student who saw that his door was open and was trying to ask about where another professor was.

“Get the hell out of here. I don’t want to see you,” Coe told the unidentified student after she asked him why she needed to remove her shoes to enter his office.

“I am a Muslim,” Coe explains to the student. “You don’t come into my office with dirty shoes; that’s a curse.”

The rest of the video contains footage from December of two men approaching Coe in his office.

“I want to know why these [signs] are necessary,” one of the men asks Coe. “Why would a student have to take their shoes off? Why would a student have to say [Bismillah]?”

“Because I am a Muslim and I don’t want them coming in my office with dirty shoes,” Coe stated.

“But this is your office, this is not a prayer [place],” the man tells Coe. “We have a separate place for a prayer.”

“If a Christian put in here ‘In Jesus’ name’…would this happen?” the man continues.”

Why is this video just now being released? It was taken in December and released by JihadWatch on Tuesday, June 12. The University told Campus reform that they removed the signs when they were “made aware” of them, and that they “respect the rights of all involved.”

Not likely. As the man in the video mentioned, if a Christian had done this, the school would have been on top of them within minutes of the signs going on the door and likely fired the person. Did they let this man get away with his belligerent actions because he was a Muslim?

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