Pro-gun rally at Oregon Capital- Burned Gov Kate Brown in Effigy

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It appears as if the pro-gun crowd in Oregon is not happy with their Governor, Kate Brown. About 100 of them staged a rally on the steps of the Oregon Capital in Salem on September 23, and hung, then burned her in effigy.

PSU student/journalist Mike Bivins tweeted throughout the rally.

According to KOIN,

“After taking the Pledge of Allegiance, speakers took to a podium. One compared a no-fly list with the policies of Nazi Germany, Bivins said. Another said she had to spend hundreds of dollars to put her son in a Christian school “so his gender can be preserved.”

With Trump-Pence stickers being passed around, some seemed in harmony with Ammon Bundy and the other occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge currently on trial in Portland.”

And that’s bad, how?

Notice in these pics and videos that no one is shooting up the capital building, even though there were enough guns at this rally to create major havoc if they had so chosen.

The wildlife refuge

Patriots in Oregon have been in the crosshairs of their governor since the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was occupied. It is widely believed that Kate Brown was the one who demanded that law enforcement “take care” of the problem, which may have led to the death of LaVoy Finicum.

That death has been a sore spot during the trial of Ammon Bundy in Portland, as the judge threatened to fine Ammon’s attorney $1000 each time he brought up Finicum’s name in front of the jury.

All in all, Kate Brown is not particularly well-liked by some in the state. She was not elected governor, she assumed the position of Governor in 2015 after John Kitzhaber stepped down after a scandal. She is the first openly bisexual governor in US History.

kate brown

Screenshot showing an effigy of Gov Brown burning on the Capital Steps


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