Privacy Destroyed – FBI Agrees to Unlock Another iPhone

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Privacy Destroyed – FBI Agrees to Unlock Another iPhone

We tried to tell you that the FBI wouldn’t just use their new skills for unlocking one Apple iPhone…they have now agreed to unlock  both an iPhone and an iPod in a homicide case in Arkansas.

As we previously reported, the FBI dropped its court action against Apple because an outside source gave them the ability to get past the iPhone security on Syed Farook’s device. It is unclear if this new phone or iPod is the same model as the terrorist’s phone. It may not matter. Once the “key” is found to unlock a security sequence, can it be used on multiple devices?


Hunter Drexler is accused of capital murder and aggravated robbery in Arkansas.

An Arkansas murder case

Arkansas officials believe there may be crucial evidence on an iPod and iPhone belonging to one of the suspects in a homicide investigation.

Hunter Drexler, 18,  and Justin Staton, 15, are accused of killing Robert and Patricia Cogdell in Conway, Arkansas.  Both victims were 66 years old.

Fox News reported,

“A phone call and text message to Drexler’s attorney Patrick Benca seeking comment late Wednesday was not immediately returned. An after-hours phone call to the public defenders’ office where Staton’s attorney works also was not answered.

Prosecutors have had possession of the iPhone they say belongs to Drexler since he and two other teenagers were arrested in Texas and brought back to Arkansas days after the July shootings. Staton’s defense attorney was ordered last week to hand over the teen’s iPod, which was in the defense’s evidence locker.”

The future of privacy

Yes, helping investigate bad guys is important, don’t get me wrong.  But can we trust them to just investigate the bad guys? No. The Oregon situation is a case in point.

The FBI is an organization that many people have trusted for decades. But they have their faults – one of them being that they are currently trained to view patriotic Americans as “domestic terrorists.” That problem alone causes concern over their ability to unlock iPhones and iPods.

They don’t always have the best interests of the American people at heart.

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.” Edmund Burke

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