Prince Harry, Justin Trudeau – Are They Racists?

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Great Britain’s Prince Harry and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau found out the hard way that their liberal judgment can lapse. Both men have ended up in trouble- one recently, and one a few years ago – from their not-politically-correct actions.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

In a case of judgment lapse, Trudeau  wore blackface at a costume party called “Arabian Nights” while teaching in 2001 at the West Point Grey Academy, an expensive private school in Vancouver.  That’s not counting two other times, once while singing the Jamaican song “Day-O” in an Afro with his face darkened, and another time that was caught on video.

Out of the six people in the photograph of the Arabian Nights event, Trudeau is the only one who darkened his skin. Why is that? You also might note where he has his hand. 

This is a PM election year in Canada, by the way. And Trudeau is already under  a scandal that is rocking his election campaign. He has apologized for his stupidity, but as we are well aware these days, apologies ring hollow whatever side of the aisle they are on.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Next we have Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, wearing a Nazi costume at a dress party several years ago.  January of 2005, to be exact. Both Prince Harry and Prince William were at the private party, but Harry’s costume took the brunt of criticism. As much publicity about “white supremacy” as floats around the news cycle, we wonder what he was thinking. Or perhaps wasn’t thinking is the problem.

In his bachelor days, he was known as the “Prince of the Party,” among other more colorful descriptions. He spent a lot of time apologizing to the Royal Family…and still does.

AIGA wrote:

The timing of the Prince’s ignorant and irresponsible display could not have been worse, occurring only two weeks before an event was held at Auschwitz to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the death camp’s liberation. 

Reportedly, he apologized to a livid Prince Charles for the row. The Sun printed his costume on their front page.

It didn’t stop there, of course. Prince Harry has been under fire for years, particularly after his recent marriage.

The BBC published an image in 2018 from a far right organization that showed the image of Prince Harry with a gun to his head, a blood spatter, and a swastika. It was titled, “See ya later, race traitor, #racetraitor.” It had to do with his marriage to Meghan Markle.

The Royal family was horrified, and Prince Harry filed a complaint against the BBC. The judge dismissed the complaint, since it was an image created by a neo-Nazi group and part of what they felt was important to show. Though the BBC apologized, they failed to warn the Royal family of the publication of the image, which created a difficult security situation. Meghan Markle was 5 months pregnant at the time.

After these two, we remember the Ralph Northam scandal of blackface out of North Carolina…and never forget that he, too, is a liberal.  Even Kay Ivey, current Republican governor of Alabama, may have once worn black face in a college skit. Although she apologized up front, she said she doesn’t actually remember the skit. It seems to be rampant on both sides.


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  • Taylor

    I absolutely hate the fact that dressing up as a black person is called “blackface” these days. That’s simply not what it is. It was meant in a derogatory/mocking manner but now the millions of “victims” who want to be aggrieved have to find offense in everything.

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