Priebus Out, Kelly In as White House Chief of Staff

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Reince Priebus is out as White House Chief of Staff, and Marine General John Kelly – Secretary of Homeland Security – is his replacement. It’s been a tumultuous game of musical chairs around the White House lately, and here’s hoping that a US Marine General can help stabilize what has been a major roller coaster ride at the West Wing. The idea is to bring more “discipline” to the team.

The former commander of US Southern Command isn’t likely to be a leaker. And he understands confidentiality and loyalty to the chain of command. Just since Trump took office and Kelly’s been DHS Secretary, there have been enough changes that the Borders have become more secure.

Scaramucci to the rescue?

Priebus reportedly secretly resigned on Thursday. President Trump made it public late Friday afternoon. The President took some serious heat for picking Reince Priebus in the first place, since he had promised to “drain the swamp” and many viewed Priebus as part of that swamp.

Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer both worked at the Republican National Committee prior to joining the Trump Administration. Michael Short, a press aide, also worked with the two and also lost his job this week.

That makes three people in the White House staff that appear to have run afoul of the new Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci. He’s been sort of the hit man looking for traitors among the members of the staff who might be leaking information. He promised to “fire all of them,” and he didn’t mince words about it.

Scaramucci didn’t like Reince Priebus and the feeling was mutual. He didn’t like Sean Spicer either, and that feeling was mutual. Hey, Diamond and Silk like him, even if many others do not.

The “Cultural Reset” on Leaks

Scaramucci knows he’ll never get all the leakers in Washington, but those who report to him who are leaking information that pits the administration against itself and the President, he wants gone. And well he should.

President Trump has been stymied at every turn by leakers (aka backstabbers) on his own “team” as well as the regular opposition from RINOs, Democrats, radical leftists, Obama judges and everyone else and their pet parrot.

When someone leaked Scaramucci’s financial information, he ranted against Priebus and the New Yorker Magazine printed it. That didn’t go over well either.

Bringing in the hit guy may have plugged a couple of the leaks at least for now. At least, Priebus’ resignation last night didn’t get leaked. And Scaramucci isn’t likely to trust any reporter ever again- ‘once burned, twice shy.’

It’s true that a President must have loyalty to the programs he wants to bring. Obama had horrifying loyalty – loyalty to the agenda of dividing and destroying the United States. Can we conquer it? Absolutely. This is America. But it’s going to be a challenge.

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