Press Sec Sarah Sanders Departing – Dems Celebrate

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Press Sec Sarah Sanders has been one of the most fiercely loyal Press Secretaries in the history of the position. She’s had to put up with name calling, accusations, and disgusting treatment far and above what any normal person on that position would receive. She’s leaving at the end of June after 23 months in the position. Democrats celebrated her leaving, and spent a lot of time continuing to accuse her of a myriad of things.

Unlike some of the previous departures of personnel over the last couple of years, this one is amicable and planned. But Democrats never care about such things, they just love to be nasty. Press Sec Sarah Sanders has been a thorn in their side since she took over from Sean Spicer. And Sean Spicer was exceptional at Press Secretary as well. For making Dems mad, anyway.

Sarah was called ugly, fat, a liar, and she not only ignored such name calling, she took CNN’s obnoxious, self-serving Jim Acosta to task every time he opened his mouth. She deserves a medal. April Ryan accused Sarah of lying about a pecan pie and got owned immediately. Sarah has been under attack from the moment she stepped to the podium.

She has stood in front of a hostile audience day after day as a faithful friend of the President. Of course, Democrats aren’t faithful friends to anyone, period. Of all people in a President’s cabinet, the Press Secretary must be loyal – being able to explain a President’s actions and agenda. Democrats preferred someone who balked, griped, and complained about their boss. Sarah Sanders never gave that to them.

Democrats immediately piled on her as soon as the President made the announcement.

“Extraordinary talents including lying, lying with a straight face, defending the President’s lies, dodging questions, falsely claiming ignorance, not holding daily press briefings, and…lying.” Mark Pocan (D-WI)

“She will be remembered for disgracing her office, ushering in an era of opacity unprecedented in the modern era, publicly treating journalists like dirt, assailing the First Amendment to the Constitution, and lying directly to the American people who paid her salary.” Don Beyer (D-VA)

So let’s review: Democrats want unfaithful, unrestrained backstabbers as a Press Secretary. As long as it’s President Trump, of course. Will there be a replacement for her?

She may indeed run for Arkansas Governor, perhaps when Asa Hutchinson retires in 2022. We wish her well. She is truly “tough” and now battle hardened.

“I’ll continue to be one of the most outspoken and loyal supporters of the president.” Sarah Sanders

  • Tim

    Exceptional is the only word that comes to mind when I think about Sarah Huckabee. She has indeed been a great press secretary.

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