President Trump’s New Campaign Slogan? “Mean as a Wolverine”

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As with Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” statement (that we quickly appropriated as our own), Dan Rather told CNN’s Don Lemon that Trump was as “mean as a wolverine.” It has such a nice ring to it, that people are calling for Donald Trump to appropriate the “insult” as his next campaign slogan. It’s even gotten a new hashtag: #MeanAsAWolverine.

Dan Rather stated on the show:

“President Trump gives every indication by what he says and what he does and what he doesn’t do, that he’s mean as a wolverine, and we’ve never had a president who had that reputation.”  

Good. He’s just what America needed at a time when the unhinged left is planning to destroy the entire fabric of our nation. We need strength, toughness, now more than ever. So if it’s “mean as a wolverine” so be it. “For such a time as this,” Mr. President.

By the way, Wolverines aren’t exactly “mean” and generally leave people alone, but mess with them, and all bets are off. Pretty much just like Donald Trump. Don’t tangle with him either. He’ll win.


P.S. Dan Rather was removed in disgrace from CBS news in 2004 after he produced Xerox copies of a document that was unprovable against George W. Bush’s service record. He’s never apologized and still believes he was right 14 years later.

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