Prayer in St.Cloud Public Schools OK for Muslims- No One Else

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Prayer in Minnesota Public Schools OK for Muslims – No One Else

Favoritism towards Muslims is occurring in the St. Cloud School District, which has bent over backwards to be politically correct to Muslim students. The problem? What about American kids? And how can these school districts handle the differences in backgrounds?


Immigrant Muslim students have flooded the St.Cloud School District-photo via

An article by PBS revealed that the school district is struggling with how to make “Muslim students feel welcome.”

“In the district’s middle and high schools, Muslim students have access to private rooms with prayer rugs for the five daily prayers. Districtwide, school lunch menus provide pork-free options for students, and staff members try to spur the newcomer students’ interest in sports, culture clubs, and other extracurricular activities to develop connections beyond the classroom.

Somali student-athletes played key roles on Apollo High’s 2014 state championship soccer team, and track and field teams have drawn plenty of Somali participants. The district has partnered with the University of Minnesota to develop uniforms for female athletes who wear hijab, the headscarves worn by some Muslim girls and women.

St. Cloud’s Technical High School, the site of Somali student protests last spring over anti-Muslim harassment, began an international club that allows English-learner students to showcase their cultural heritage.

In fairness, the school district does have a problem. Somali students have flooded into the district at a huge rate. The school district wants their athletes, and truly wants to share their culture. But the issue of “fairness” must extend to ALL.


Personally I have no problem with having students talk about their background. Expressing the problems and issues of other cultures is a good learning experience. But… there is a problem if they have female students wear hijabs or any other symbols of oppression to women. It’s also a serious problem if teachers begin Islamic indoctrination by having students only learn about Islam and not about all the other religions.

Why do Muslims get the perks, the special treatment, when American students are completely told they can’t do or say anything? The rights of American students are totally trampled in this effort. If Muslims can pray at the school, why can’t Christian/Buddhist/Jewish students pray at the school? What isn’t it inclusive for ALL students instead of just Muslims?

The effect of these types of actions has been to ruin the school experience for American kids from elementary to college age. And it seriously makes parents angry. Is this what we want for America’s public schools?



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  • F.C.

    Sounds like you have a case for lawsuits based in brown vs board of education.

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