POW/MIA Flags Still Not Displayed by About 40% of Congress Members – Will They Listen to Bikers and AMVETS?

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We reported back in March that many members of Congress replaced the POW/MIA flags with transgender flags. Veterans’ Groups were not happy about it then, and when they realized that about 40% of the legislators STILL had not replaced the flags, they’re even less happy. It was supposed to be a “temporary” replacement. Rolling Thunder, Inc. and AMVETS, issued a joint letter to Nancy Pelosi requesting that the flags be put back up. Will they listen?

“United States Capitol police officers recently pointed out to me that many members of the U.S. House of Representatives are no longer displaying the POW/MIA flag…Long a fixture in the halls of Congress, we now count about 40 percent of the elected lawmakers opting to display other flags or no flags where the POW-MIA flag long stood. That’s an unacceptable slap in the face.” Rege Riley, AMVETS National Commander (Breitbart)

There is a great deal of power in the veteran community. Congress would do well to heed the words of these two organizations. But it appears that there is a crop of Congress members that don’t give diddly squat about veterans of any kind because they are focused on “causes” that do not honor those who fought for our nation.

The letter stated in part:

It has come to the attention of Rolling Thunder, Inc, and AMVETS National Headquarters, that a disturbing number of members of Congress have recently decided to stop displaying the members of the Prisoners of War/ Missing in Action flag at the entrances of their offices.

The prominent posting of this flag has long served as a daily reminder to our elected lawmakers, their staff and all who visit the halls of Congress that we as a nation will not forget the 82,000 service members still unaccounted for. We will never forget!”

We acknowledge the POW/MIA flags have, in some instances, been removed from their long-time positions to make room to show support or raise awareness for other notable causes. We do not take issue with those other flags or causes. But it is wholly unacceptable to take down the POW/MIA flag until every American service member is brought home or accounted for.

We understand it is possible some lawmakers do not understand the meaning and purpose of the flag. We urge them to learn about the POW/MIA flag and issue as a whole. Jointly, Rolling Thunder and AMVETS offer up our staff and members to help in their learning.

Together, Rolling Thunder and AMVETS call on every member of Congress to ensure the POW/MIA flag is properly displayed at the official entrance of every elected lawmaker’s office immediately…

Rolling Thunder, Inc. and A… by on Scribd

On May 29, hundreds of thousands of bikers will descend on Washington DC for the “Rolling Thunder” ride. Though it may be the last one their organization holds, it could turn out to be highly uncomfortable for the legislators who have chosen to drop the POW/MIA flags.

“If our riders decide to visit the congressional office buildings, you better believe they will expect to see that flag outside every representative’s and senator’s office. We will not forget, and we’re not going to allow them to forget.” Artie Muller, Rolling Thunder Inc.

Featured photo: screenshot from Senator Bernie Sanders office via Breitbart (public domain)

  • James Williams

    Rinbows belong in the sky not on flagpoles. Put the POW MIA flag back

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