Potty Politics – Travel Bans Continue

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Potty Politics – Travel Bans Continue

Mississippi’s governor signed a new law into place that safeguards religious liberty against the continual onslaught of not just LGBT but radical atheist agendas. Washington, New York and Vermont, as well as several cities, have added yet another official travel ban against them. So now we have bans to North Carolina and Mississippi.

Power of the Press – the Domino Effect

The Mississippi law sought to protect businesses run by people with sincere religious beliefs from the idiots who target them. And the media has worked hard to propel the idea that the law is “discriminatory.” 

And of course, with that comes the inevitable fallout from businesses like PayPal, who cancelled their planned expansion into Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s right, take your marbles and go home. If you can’t get your way you’ll just throw a tantrum.

Cuomo banned travel to North Carolina after they passed a law trying to keep men out of the women’s restrooms, as we previously reported. Now he’s done it again with any official travel to Mississippi. Washington and Vermont have added themselves to the furor. Now keep in mind, these governors have done this by Executive Order, not by a vote of the people.

And several Mayors have also invoked travel bans – cities such as West Palm Beach, Florida. Again, not by a vote, but by edict.

The Mississippi bill is not discriminatory in any way and does not stand in the way of anyone’s “rights.” In fact, it protects the rights of the people. The Media calls it “Anti-Gay.” But it’s a “Religious Freedom Law.” The power of the press…but not an objective one.

The backbones of jellyfish

Travel bans? What kind of stupidity is this? It’s supposed to be the UNITED STATES. Governors who fail to protect religious freedom, or fail to protect women from assault are negligent in their duties and should be removed from office. At least Mississippi and North Carolina have moved to protect those things.

The Constitution has been so seriously eroded by special interests and things so far removed from the intent of the founders that the very foundation of America has been shattered. The Supreme Court has taken the place of legislators, the President thinks he can legislate too, and Congress just sits there like stumps while minority groups run roughshod over the nation.

It was never meant to be that way. We once had a balance of power. Thanks to the liberals we no longer have it. The corruption, the loss of rights, the continual whining of special groups has reduced this once great nation to a heap of whining, quivering Jell-o.


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