Portland Property Owners – Will They Have to Make “Rest Spaces” for the Homeless?

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Property owners in Portland, Oregon are worried about a new design review requirement (read that building code) to create spaces where the homeless can “rest and be welcome.” Property owners are worried that it will cause camping. They are not wrong.

Nobody is commenting to the public, either, including Oriana Magnera, who introduced the idea. According to KATU, the City of Portland provided a letter from the Planning and Sustainability Commission that read in part:

Understanding we are talking about private property here, we still want to ensure the openness and welcoming factors contribute to the development.

Specific to the phrasing of the guideline itself, we suggest making it even more clear that development should provide supportive space for people to feel welcome and safe and should allow space for people to rest, especially under our current housing shortage.

The definition of “rest” was quite involved. We think the background should address this more fully and clarify the intent of the word. The PSC will talk about this further at its [Dec. 17] work session and will provide suggested language to the Design Commission after our discussion.

Gosh, the city worried that their plan would be “controversial.” No kidding. Property owners in Portland being REQUIRED to provide “rest places” for the homeless population is absolutely crazy.

“I’m concerned that this is going to become quite controversial…I think for us to put into design review some loaded words that suggest we want some design commissioners to think about people resting for hours, pitching tents, I think we’re just putting too great of a burden on design review.” Jeff Bachrach, Attorney and member of the Design Review Commission

Note here that Mr. Bachrach is worried about the “burden” on “design review.”  What about the burden on the property owners? They didn’t sign up to be social workers, they just wanted to build a building.

The city attempted to make the Portland Police Bureau the fall guy last year.

As usual with Democrats, instead of taking responsibility for the homelessness problem and finding a solution that actually works, they are pushing the responsibility for these folks off on property owners, last year it was the police. Not many property owners want to be social justice warriors.

Featured photo: screenshot via KGW-TV


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