Portland, Oregon – Antifa vs Patriot Prayer “Protests” Turn Violent

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Portland, Oregon was once again the scene of “dueling protests” as Patriot Prayer’s scheduled march and Antifa’s ‘counter protest’ squared off in the first “street protest” of the spring. As they did last year, the situation turned violent. The left constantly paints the Patriot Prayer group as Nazis and white supremacists, which gathers them support and creates a battleground where none needs to be. Oregon Live reported from the scene during the events.

Police repeatedly announced that people needed to stay out of the roadway:

Patriot Prayer had scheduled a march, but Antifa mounted a “counter protest.” They came dressed in black with their signature face masks and began harrassing the demonstrators.  Shouts, shoving, tear gas, pepper spray, and the usual chanting created a difficult obstacle course for people trying to drive through the downtown area.

All photo are screenshots via Oregon Live

The Patriot group began shouting the Pledge of Allegiance, to the boos of the Antifa group. Antifa followed the Patriots, attempting to goad them by yelling “you’re not wanted here” and other statements. Someone lobbed something into the Patriot group, which could have been a smoke firework or similar item.

One antifa protester shouted “go back to high school” at a Patriot member, who promptly replied, “At least I went to high school.” Which invoked a short shouting match.

The conflicts were essentially over by 7 p.m..

Last year Antifa filed lawsuits over the Portland Police Bureau’s mass arrest policy called “kettling.” This year they only arrested 4 people and were “more restrained” than in the past. Portland Police confiscated fireworks, pepper spray, a knife, and various other items.

This person has  a common sense idea:

Featured photo: Antifa (right) follows the Patriot Prayer group (left) as they march.

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