Portland, OR – “Art” Showing Trump Beheading Removed From Gallery Window

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Portland, OR – A repulsive depiction of a Trump beheading was finally removed from the window of One Grand Gallery in downtown Portland on Tuesday after they received nearly continuous threats.

Even the owner of an unaffiliated automotive shop one floor above the gallery received threats. He reportedly received calls from across the nation, including from as far away as Florida.

The landlord requested it be removed, and the Secret Service was notified.

owner of the gallery scrapes off the window.

The gallery had created an anti-Trump “art” display, and used the image as a showpiece on the window facing the street. As of Tuesday, the owner of the gallery was scraping the image off his window, and by Tuesday evening had removed it from their  Facebook page.  It doesn’t mean that image is gone, however – it’s still on “comptoncreep.com” the website of the so-called artist.

Fox12 Portland reported:

“On Tuesday morning, the gallery founder – who said the artistic organization was only a “hobby” – was scraping the Trump illustration off the window. However, an identical image continues to hang inside among other negative depictions of the president at an anti-Trump exhibit.

The gallery also posted the image to its Facebook page around 10 a.m. with the caption, “The same people offended over a ‘death threat’ are the same people upholding death threats &violence. Irony.”

“People are angry about the picture that’s put up,” Johnson said. “I’ve had people say we’re going to call the FBI on you. We’ve reported you to the local police.”

As of mid-morning, a department spokesperson said the Portland Police Bureau had not yet received any complaints.

A U.S. Secret Service spokesman said the agency is aware of the gallery’s depiction of the president, but the Secret Service does not comment further about possible investigations.”

Who is this so-called “artist” besides being an anti-Trumper?

The works of “Odium” are exceedingly dark and run along the lines of extreme evil, including numerous images on his website of satanic themes, and sexual images of women in bondage depictions. The pictures are filled with violence sex, and hate.

The images on his website are extremely disturbing. The Secret Service would do well to watch this person carefully. And perhaps the entire group of “artists” in this anti-Trump exhibition. If these types of things had been done to Obama, the hue and cry would have spread across the world, and people would have gone to jail.

  • John

    What kind of hate is this?
    This is so wrong.
    This is the work of Satan

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