Portland Mayhem

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More Portland mayhem is set for Saturday with both left wing Antifa and right wingers to descend on the city. Hesitate to call it an actual “protest.” More of a fight.

Under pressure after journalist Andy Ngo was battered in the last “protest,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler promised to make sure police would protect the people this time. Numerous law enforcement entities have been gearing up…including the FBI.

This time, even the Oath Keepers stepped out as they said the organizers didn’t do enough to keep away white supremacists. The “loose coalition” of right wing groups may include some that are unsavory.

Posters were placed all around the city advising people of who the ‘white supremacists’ would be and to watch for them.

Screenshot via Twitter

Joey Gibson, the head of “Patriot Prayer” was arrested the night before on a warrant for “rioting.” He was released after bond was posted. Though he did not organize this event, he encouraged folks not to be afraid and to be peaceful. Portland also shut down Joey Gibson’s fundraiser account (again).

The question is, were any of the Antifa thugs arrested? Have any of the Antifa goons that beat up Andy Ngo been arrested? Crickets.

Portland Mayhem

A day before the Portland event, Mayor Wheeler made it clear that the Proud Boys and anyone on the right were not welcome because they are “violent” and espouse “hate.” But what is Antifa? A domestic terrorist group that appears to completely control the city of Portland.

Antifa Mentality

“Rose City Antifa” are not “activists” they are terrorists. As much as the right wing groups poke the bear by their presence, the violence primarily occurs on the left. They have in the past used bike locks in a sock to beat the snot out of people, bats and chains, sticks, liquid cement, rocks, etc. The other side primarily steered clear of using those things. So again, where is the violence coming from? Antifa.

Portland has been in the hands of the radical left now for a long time. We’ve written numerous articles on the conflicts between left and right in the city. But always remember, Antifa is now armed with more than bike locks.

Featured photo: screenshot of Antifa in previous confrontations via Patriot Prayer


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