Portland Anarchists – Statues Toppled, Draped in Burning US Flag

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Portland anarchists continue to display their disgusting deeds. They toppled a George Washington statue and draped it in a burning American flag on Thursday. They toppled a Thomas Jefferson statue outside Jefferson High School on Sunday. All of the statues were defaced with graffiti. (Breitbart)

portland anarchists

Screenshot via Twitter Tim Dickinson

The notation of “1619” was from a inaccurate piece done by leftist media. “You’re on native land” was probably not written by a Native, so they were on Native land too. The George Floyd situation was an excuse to demand their agenda. Are the Portland anarchists, or any other anarchists, doing it out of some sort of “frustration” over racism? No. Let’s look at the damages:

Sunday, the Thomas Jefferson statue near Jefferson High School was toppled. The so-called “protest” that took down the statue was organized by “Rose City Justice.”  They have merged with Portland Civil Rights Collective and using the acronym DRIP: Divestment, Reinvestment, Protection.

KOIN reported,

Rose City Justice organizers are calling for a Divestment from the police. More specifically, they are demanding a $50 million divestment from the Portland Police Bureau’s budget, “now and annually.” The “RI” in the acronym stands for reinvestment. Organizers want the money divested from the police bureau to be reinvested “into communities of color that have experienced marginalization, gentrification, economic downturn,” and more. The “P” stands for protection. “If we are going to move forward with a police force, right now the police commissioner is appointed by the mayor—that is wrong. We elect our leaders, we should be able to elect our police commissioner.”

While George Floyd might have been the match that lit the opportunists’ excuse, this agenda goes way beyond “protesting.” The demands of these groups whether in Portland, Seattle, or anywhere else across the country, reminds us of hostage taking or extortion. “Give us what we want or else.”

The groups are anarchist/Communist in nature. They are intent to pull down America as we have known it to make demands of compliance – do it their way or they’ll tear it down.

Many Russians thought they were going to get concessions in their revolution. But the 1923 ashes from the Russian Revolution between Lenin’s Red Army and the White Army (that was a loose association of people who wanted freedom), led to the Communists forming the Soviet Union, which became one of the most repressive governments in history. Millions were killed or sent away to the Gulags.

What do you want, America? The great lie of Communism or American freedom?


Featured photo: Twitter screenshot of George Washington Statue and burning American flag.  Garrison Davis


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