Port Orchard Explosion Levels House

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Port Orchard Explosion Levels House

A house in Port Orchard, Washington was literally leveled by an explosion early Tuesday morning. Kitsap County Sheriff and South Kitsap Fire and Rescue responded to the scene of the explosion at around 0400 a.m..

The explosion was felt across Western Washington, with numerous windows being shattered, including the back side of a nearby elementary school. Pictures were knocked off walls, and people in general were unnerved by the sound. Two homeowners are unaccounted for.

The blast was heard and felt as far away as Issaquah, which is about 63 miles away from Port Orchard.

People across Western Washington say it sounded like a sonic boom, or like someone was “pounding on my door with a sledge hammer.”

As reported by Q13 Fox, one person, Tracy Griffin, upon hearing the blast, got into her car and drove toward the “red sky.” She stated that there were pieces and parts of a mobile home stretched across the road in all directions from where the fire was burning.

There was debris scattered into trees.

The cause of the blast is under investigation. Speculation has run rampant about the possibility of meth houses, gas leaks, and other ideas. But investigators had to wait until the fire was out and daylight came before they could start the investigation.

 Port Orchard explosion

Screenshot of live video from the scene of the house explosion in Port Orchard, Washington. Nothing is left of the residence.

A spokesman for the Kitsap County Sheriff stated that the home was literally “turned into popsicle sticks.” The agency has requested assistance from the ATF in the investigation.


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