Popeyes New Chicken Sandwich Starts #ChickenWars

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Popeyes new chicken sandwich has been trending on Twitter for a few days now with the hashtag #ChickenWars. Whose sandwich is the best? Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?

Lots of black folks are commenting on the sandwich. A white guy at Daily Blast Live tasted Popeyes sandwich and the black host asked him if it tasted like a neighborhood he’d never been to before.

#ChickenWars has caused Popeyes to run out of their sandwiches, which has created fodder for a real war, of sorts between Chick-fil-A and Popeyes. Chick-Fil-A put up a sign that said “FYI We don’t run out of chicken sandwiches.” Popeyes responded “FYI People need to eat on Sundays.”

But the common misconception that Fried Chicken is from the Black South is …well…wrong.

This guy figured it out:

Busting the Myth

So here’s the rub, folks. Nearly EVERY fast food fried chicken chain was created by a white dude, which we’ve reported previously. WHATTTTT????? It’s true. And though Popeyes bills itself as Louisiana Proud, their creator was Al Copeland who happened to love New Orleans and its people.

I know, breaking it to y’all is hard to swallow, but Copeland came up with the recipe, which, like KFC’s recipe, is a closely guarded secret. Popeyes specializes in spicy chicken, and has been going strong since 1972 except for a blip when they acquired Church’s Chicken and had to market them separately.

Now for the biggest bitter pill: Fried Chicken was invented by the Scottish, who were the first to deep fat fry the delectable meat. They brought it with them to America. OMG more white folk.

When it was introduced into the South, Black plantation cooks added various spices to enhance the flavor, since the Scottish variety was a bit bland. In the early 1900s, because of the cost of enough fat to fry the bird, chicken was rarely found on restaurant menus, according to the Daily Meal. Now, thanks to the modern fast food chains, it’s one of America’s Favorites.

So don’t stop eating fast food fried chicken just because of who created it. Chicken is not racist. Yummy, maybe, but not racist.

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