Pope Francis Visits, Suddenly Progressives Find Religion?

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Liberals have been looking for decades for a pope who would be more socially progressive. Finally, they have their candidate with Pope Francis. The Democratic Party that publicly booed God three times on national television in 2012 have fallen in love with a pope who timidly speaks out against issues Democrats disagree with, but not in a way that creates too much guilt for Catholics like Nancy Pelosi.

pope francis

Pope Francis

Convenient Catholicism

Who knows, Pelosi, a CINO (Catholic In Name Only), the patron saint of Convenient Catholicism by which one can proudly proclaim themselves a good Catholic while picking and choosing which doctrines they wish to accept and which ones they will choose to ignore, may be canonized on the next papal visit. Pelosi no doubt thinks she’s earned it.

Being confident that you are following Church doctrine, while insisting that Planned Parenthood is sacred, holy, and must be protected at all human costs, suggest some possible mental illness is present. Of course, many have suggested that liberalism itself is a form of mental illness.

Winning the hearts of Liberals

Pope Francis has won the hearts of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and countless other progressives because he has allowed himself to be used by the climate change alarmists. When Francis decided to worship the progressive’s god, Mother Earth, he became their champion. President Obama, especially, is grateful that the pope has agreed to let himself be used as a pawn in the climate change hoax.

During his remarks from the White House on climate change, what Pope Francis said was music to liberal’s ears:

“Accepting the urgency, it seems clear to me also that climate change is a problem which can no longer be left to a future generation.”

And of course the other socialist ideas…

Then there is the issue of economic socialism, including wealth redistribution, the pope seems to support that wins him the hearts and minds of today’s liberals.

The pope has also urged the West to open its doors to immigrants, bolstering Democrats chances for continuing their illegal voter registration drive by allowing our borders to remain wide open.

Using religion for their own ends

Finally, members of the media now think the pope is the greatest thing since sliced bread because his lack of being judgmental on social issues allows them to sleep better at night. Meanwhile, conservative Catholics are left wondering what the h*ll is going on in their Church.

For decades, liberals have shouted at conservatives to keep God out of schools, the workplace, government buildings, etc., but when a religious leader comes along who shares their ideals, magically, they’re on board with religion and will use it to try to further their agenda. It’s a miracle!


  • Xeam

    I hate this pretender. NO! NO MORE REFUGEES. Take all the Moslem filth into the Vatican and get the fuck off U.S. soil.

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