Police Union Freaks Over Ohio Gun Law, Asks Gov to Override it for RNC Convention

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Police Union Freaks Over Ohio Gun Law, Asks Gov to Override it for RNC Convention

After the shootings of Police Officers in Baton Rouge two days ago, the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Union asked Governor John Kasich to suspend the state’s open carry law at least until after the RNC convention. He said no.

“I don’t care if it’s constitutional or not at this point…” Stephen Loomis, Cleveland Police Union President

The recent attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, in conjunction with the attack in Nice, France has the Cleveland Police Union jumpy about the safety of their officers… and everyone else.

Security is tight

The Republican National Convention starts today at the Quicken Loans Arena with 74 different agencies providing security. But open carry is legal in Ohio, and that’s where the union is worried.

Kasich’s office responded to the request with this,

“Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested.”

Nearly everything besides guns are banned from the area around the convention:  slingshots, sledgehammers, rockets, tennis balls, air rifles and pistols, axes, BB guns, fireworks, umbrellas with metal tips, mattresses, water guns, glass bottles, tents, sleeping bags, ice chests, light bulbs and hammers.

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Differing views on safety

The union appears to strongly disagree with Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams.

“Right now, the chief of police thinks it’s a good idea to have one officer without a car standing at a post in various intersections all around the city? Thirty blocks from downtown? I had a guy last night standing out there by himself without the benefit of protection of a police car. Or partner. That is absolute insanity to me. There is no reason for that. We are going to demand that the police chief — at a minimum — make sure that we have three officers working together, watching each other’s backs.”  Stephen Loomis, President Cleveland Police Union

Chief Williams did alter the security plans after the Dallas attack, but details were not available (obviously). Concrete barriers have been installed, and police will be watching open carriers closely.

“Cleveland is prepared. We invite people to come here enjoy the convention, exercise your constitutional rights and we’re here to assist you in doing that.” Chief Calvin Williams

We hope that the “assistance” he speaks of will be peaceful.

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