Police Officers Killed…For What?

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Lost in the noise of the riots and looting are the lives of police officers killed,  shot to death for no logicial reason. One was a retired officer working security, another a current Federal Protective officer.  A third officer was shot in the head in Las Vegas and is on life support.

Retired St Louis Police Captain David Dorn was killed over looting a few televisions from Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry. He was shot to death at around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning (KMOV). The suspects livestreamed his death. After his retirement, Dorn became Chief of Police in Moline Acres. His family said he ws doing what he loved- protecting his community.  There is a $40,000 reward for information leading to his killer.

Oakland Federal Protective Service Officer David Underwood was shot to death as he stood by the building where he worked – the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building. (USA Today). Another officer was also wounded, when a car drove by and opened fire on the two men. They were monitoring a nearby protest at the time. No arrest has been made in that shooting.


Another officer was struggling with a suspect in Las Vegas when someone walked up behind him and shot him point blank in the head. (8newsnow) The Las Vegas Metro Officer was on life support as of June 2.

Another shooting in which a man opened fire at the Lloyd George Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas brought return fire from officers at the building, killing the suspect.

A Cincinnai Police officer wearing a face helmet was struck with a bullet on May 31 during the riots in that city. The Police Chief called it intentional. Fortunately, the bullet struck the metal edge of the face shield and the officer is alright. Fox8 reported that police found that some white people were clearly engaged in coordinated activities.

So America, when will you figure it out? The vast majority of police officers in our nation live among us – they are our neighbors, friends, fathers, brothers, and sisters. If you want to see what it would be like without them just look at the large cities in chaos now. Police officers killed leaves a hole in the fabric of our nation.

Sure, there are bad apples among them. But there are awesome people too, people who want nothing more than to help their communities. For the families of those who are grieving today, we stand with them against the senseless violence that took lives needlessly. Anarchy is not where we need to be.

Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter. L-David Underwood R-David Dorn


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