Police Confiscated Guns Without a Warrant in West Hollywood

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Dan Bilzerian is a gun rights advocate and professional poker player. In September, his mansion  in West Hollywood was burglarized and the alarm triggered, which caused police to respond. But that’s when the police went from looking for a burglar to seizing 9 of Dan’s guns. He was out of town at the time.

 police confiscated guns

Dan Bilzerian – photo via Business insider

Police confiscated guns without a warrant

Though his assistant refused the police access to the steel-reinforced ‘closet’ where the guns were kept, they broke in anyway and seized the guns. Police advised the assistant that they were taking the guns “to prevent the burglars from coming back and taking the guns.” Uh huh. The home of a well known gun rights advocate and they just happened to want to protect his guns from all those big bad burglars that couldn’t breach the steel door in the first place. Sure.

Somebody’s lying

Problem is, two months later, they still had the firearms. When they finally decided to return them to Mr. Bilzerian about a week ago, they were missing all the ammunition that was originally with the guns. Five handguns and one rifle had been confiscated, plus the ammunition.

“All of my ammunition and the magazines were gone. And they couldn’t explain what happened to the magazines, but that ammo couldn’t be released with a firearm and that I’d have to schedule a separate three-hour visit for the ammo. If they are gonna take the guns and make me wait for three hours at the police station, they should at the very least return what came with them.”

“The officers told my assistant that they took the handguns because they didn’t want the suspects to come back and get them on a second break-in even though they were unsuccessful at opening the steel reinforced door the first time. Essentially they were ‘trying to protect my property and people’s safety.’ This is hard to grasp, when they left my $21,000 FN SCAR17 with thermal optic and shotguns unsecured in that same room.”

Will he ever get his ammo back? 

Mr. Bilzerian is not likely to get his ammo or his magazines back at this point. According to Attorney Joseph A. Silvoso III, this scenario is common in California. The LAPD is being sued by other gun owners whose firearms and ammo have been seized by the department.

“We’ve unfortunately seen law enforcement from different agencies from time to time do that.  They just say ‘it’s just not safe to hand you back the guns and the ammunition together’ or drum up some other reason not to return the ammunition or magazines.” Joseph Silvoso III

Bilzerian is a well known gun rights advocate, and the LAPD knew it when they arrived at the mansion. So they seized 9 of  his guns, and under some nebulous idea that it  isn’t “safe” to give back the ammunition at the same time as the guns, they kept it. Such a bunch of b.s., but typical of the mindset of liberals.They think the only safe gun is one that has no bullets. Morons.

It appears he is lucky he got his guns back at all.

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