Pledge of Allegiance – Grand Valley State U Says It’s Oppressive

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Students at Grand Valley State University in Allendale Charter Township in Michigan voted to dump the pledge of allegiance from their daily routine. Some of the students claimed that it is “non-inclusive and represents an oppressive government.” (Breitbart)

Last week’s vote was 22 in favor, 10 opposed, with 10 abstentions, according to the College Fix.

UPDATE: After backlash the student body released this:


“The arguments to remove it were to create an inclusive environment, that it represented an oppressive government, and that there are international students that we should be representing.” Dorian Thompson, Student Senator

And Grand Valley State isn’t the only school to nix the pledge: the University of Oklahoma also voted back in September to dump the pledge from its meetings. Please note that Grand Valley planned to do that in “secret.” They says it made international students “uncomfortable.”

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The College Fix reported:

“Grand Valley State’s Thompson, a senior and political science major at the Michigan-based public university, said he prompted the public vote on the issue because Student Senate committee chairs and vice chairs had “secretly” decided to remove the pledge prior to the start of the fall semester…

“I motioned to bring it back,” he said, noting there was no formal resolution on the issue.

His effort failed after a somewhat heated Student Senate meeting last Thursday, he said. Adding insult to injury, he said, the vote took place just three days after Veterans Day.

“Of course our country doesn’t have the brightest past with human rights issues, but with liberty and justice for all, that says right there no matter what interesting times we are in we will always rise above it and go forward and not backwards,” Thompson told The Fix.

“The oppressive government thing? You could be shot or arrested for making that statement in a real oppressive government.”

Dorian is a member of College Republicans. He plans to reintroduce the pledge again next semester.

“[M]ake this no mistake, the fight is not over. No matter if I continue to serve on this body or decide that they do not represent my values and leave, I will do everything in my power to fight this disgraceful act. God bless our flag, and may God bless our great country.” Dorian Thompson

The Fix also noted that several alumni are threatening to pull their funding from the school because of the controversy.

Featured photo: Grand Valley State University


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    They don’t recognize the US Government, so immediately terminate all student financial aid + government funding to the university ! Then, revoke their citizenship, & deport them to Venezuela !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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