Plano, Texas Brothers Go to Fight With ISIS, Parents Lie to FBI

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Arman, 27, and Omar Ali, 26, from Plano, Texas left home to fight with ISIS. Their parents, Mohommad Hasnain Ali and Sumaiya Ali, knew about it, and lied to Federal authorities. The parents made a plea deal –  36 months probation for him and 18 months probation for her, and a $5,000 fine for both. Judge Marcia Crone is set to approve or deny the agreement at a sentencing hearing on October 12.

The couple was questioned at the Dallas Fort Worth International airport after authorities obtained a search warrant for their luggage. It is unknown exactly when they were arrested.

The lies

The two brothers kept their mother Sumaiya, 49, apprised of their travels to Syria via email, and she updated her husband according to the New York Post. The oldest son, Arman, emailed Mohommad, 57, from Syria on March 10, and 11, 2015 to keep him informed of the fighting.

“Things are heating up here, and I can’t guarantee me or Omar will be there in 2 months… I’ve been to the hospital every day with brothers from my group. Close friends have died, too many injured. Me and Omar are perfectly fine right now, but soon we may not be.” Arman Ali

Authorities went to the Ali home and asked them where their sons were in 2015- they insisted they had no idea and stated there was no way their sons would be in Syria. They claimed the sons were in Cairo, and too reserved to ever be involved with terrorists.

Yet in 2014, Sumaiya told her son in an email that he should “do what he needed to do” with regard to fighting in Syria.

“Allah tells the Muslim to fight, kill and exile ‘those who wage war against Allah or His messenger.'”  Omar Ali, October 2014


The two brothers, along with a sister, grew up in a home valued at over $400,000 in a Plano, Texas neighborhood. Friends described Arman as “pretty normal” in high school.

Dallas News reported,

“Arman attended the University of Texas at Austin from fall 2008 to spring 2011 but did not earn a degree, a university spokesperson said. His LinkedIn page said he studied neurobiology and religion  at the school.

It said he earned a bachelor’s degree in Arab and Islamic civilization from The American University in Cairo in  2014. Arman’s LinkedIn page also said he earned a master’s degree in Islamic studies from the school. The university declined to confirm that, saying its policy is not to release student information without their consent.”

A college friend stated that Arman became more religious in his second year of UTA and dropped out as his grades suffered. He stopped playing video games with his friends, quit basketball and soccer, and began going to the mosque more often.

It is unknown whether the two brothers are still alive. Were their parents supportive of the decision to join ISIS? And what about the mosque they attended – what were those officials saying to them?  It was a march to “radicalization” that the parents were aware of and lied about it.


Featured photo: left to right: Arman Ali, Omar Ali from Plano High school yearbook- Screenshot via Dallas News


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