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A report released Wednesday by the Government Accountability Office found that America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, received at least $1.5 billion in state and federal funding in a three-year span from 2010-2012. The investigation additionally found that the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and five other pro-abortion advocacy companies spent a combined total of nearly $482 million in direct federal funding received from Health and Human Services and United States Agency of International Development during that time.

Illegal money

Although it is illegal for them to receive taxpayer money, they have found a way around that particular detail. The Christian  Post reported:

“Although the Hyde Amendment, which was made law in 1976, prohibits the federal government from using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, elective abortion providers and supporters are able to secure federal funding because of the other services they offer, senior policy adviser for the Christian pro-life activist organization Operation Rescue.”

The nation’s largest abortion provider maintained its infamous title, performing 333,964 abortions—a record for the organization that received 45 percent of its revenues from taxpayer-funded government sources during the 2011–2012 fiscal year. According to analysis by the Susan B. Anthony List, Planned Parenthood has performed almost 1 million abortions in the past three years alone.

Money for murder

Planned Parenthood has ridden the waves of taxpayer funding to millions of dollars in annual surpluses. In 2012, like many years before it, Planned Parenthood saw a very comfortable income, reporting excess revenues exceeding $87 million and net assets of more than $1.2 billion.

In the face of large surpluses and increased abortions, supporters and activists are still quick to point to the provision of other services to justify continued and expanded federal funding of the organization. But a closer look at Planned Parenthood’s own report and actions still point to a strong emphasis on abortion procedures.

However, to justify all the taxpayer money they receive, they claim to need the money for breast exams, which may lead you to think they perform mammograms. But that isn’t true.

“Women can receive clinical breast exams at some Planned Parenthood affiliates, but women are referred to local health care providers for more comprehensive mammogram services. Planned Parenthood can use funds obtained from grant sources to pay for the referrals, but it acts merely as a go-between for women in need of screening. Moreover, as Alliance Defending Freedom’s (ADF) Casey Mattox explained following an ADF Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, no Planned Parenthood affiliate even holds the licenses necessary under federal law to perform mammograms.”

Lies, half-truths

Despite the half-truths spread by leaders and supporters of Planned Parenthood—including President Obama during his last election—the organization does not and cannot provide mammograms. (It was over this fact, among other considerations, that leaders of the Susan G. Komen Foundation originally pulled grant funding from Planned Parenthood—before they were bullied back into supporting the abortion provider.)

If Planned Parenthood’s lackluster offering of breast health support and single-minded provision of abortion services isn’t enough to question the continual stream of federal tax dollars, accusations of fraud and the group’s apparent willingness to abet the sex trafficking of minor girls should at least raise scrutiny of the organization’s federal funding.

There has been longstanding consensus that federal dollars should not be used to fund abortions. Policymakers looking for organizations capable of self-funding more of their activities and wishing to put limited federal tax dollars for women’s health to more efficient and effective use would do well to view Planned Parenthood’s subsidies with a critical eye.




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