PKK attacks Turkish Police in Cizre

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Eleven police officers were killed when PKK militants detonated a VBIED at a police checkpoint about 50 yards from the  police headquarters near the Turkish town of Cizre. More than 70 were injured in the blast that destroyed the station. Three civilians were reportedly killed in the explosion.

Cizre is in Turkey’s Sirnak province, and borders both Iraq and Syria in the southeast. The Governor of the Province blamed the PKK – the Kurdish Worker’s Party – for the attack. They did claim responsibility.

“We will give those vile (attackers) the answer they deserve…Terrorists cannot take Turkey hostage.” Prime Minister Binali Yildirim

Yildirim vowed to make the PKK collapse, which means the war between Turkey’s government  and the PKK will escalate. Turkey is frequently under attack from ISIS as well.


Screenshot of some of the photos from the attack

A local resident captured this video of smoke from the blast:

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