Pittsburgh Stabbing- Women Stabbed in Front of Police Officer

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A Pittsburgh stabbing incident on Thursday morning occurred as a police officer was talking with a woman at a bus stop. One woman died, another is in stable condition.

The bus stop in Pittsburgh. Screenshot via Twitter

A Pittsburgh police officer was on routine patrol Thursday morning when he observed a female lying down at the bus stop. Thinking she might be in medical distress, he talked with her. A male suddenly came up from behind and stabbed the woman in the neck. As he turned to deal with the suspect, another woman was stabbed. The officer was able to take the suspect to the ground and immediately arrest him. He then began first aid in an effort to save the lives of those stabbed.

The woman, Janice Purdue-Dance, 61, who was stabbed in the neck succumbed to her injuries. The other woman, who was walking down the street, was reportedly wearing a hijab. The first victim at the bus stop was not wearing any religious garb. Police believe the stabbings were random and have no connection to a hate crime either racial or religious, according to Pittsburgh CBS. They are investigating whatever the motive may have been.

Twitter contained false reports of “anti-Muslim ” hate crimes, and accusations of “dangerous white males.” Wrong again. Police called the incorrect reports “irresponsible,” in particular, one that was from a news media that got their facts wrong and stated that both women had hijabs. That tweet has been deleted.

The black male suspect was identified as James Wyatt, 23, from McKeesport, PA. He faces charges of Criminal Homicide and Aggravated Assault.

One mass stabbing incident at Franklin High School in Pittsburgh back in 2014 had 20 victims. Officials say that violent crime in Pittsburgh has fallen slightly since then.

Featured photo of James Wyatt mugshot via Pittsburgh Police


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