Pile Of Manure Finds Home In Front Of DNC HQ

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Just after midnight Saturday, October 28th, a large pile of manure found a comfy home in front of the Warren County Democrats HQ in Warren County, Lebanon, Ohio.

Bethe Goldenfield, chairperson for the Warren County Democratic Party, told The Enquirer she was alerted of the incident at  approximately 7:45 am, Saturday, by the Warren County Sheriff’s office.

“What reasonable person thinks this is OK???”, wrote Goldenfield on a Cincinnati Facebook political page,  obviously not considering the countless attacks against Trump supporters across the nation. Including, but not limited to, an attack on a homeless woman protecting the Republican nominee’s, Donald Trump, star on the Hollywood walk of fame. “I won’t be responding to anyone who thinks this is acceptable behavior,” she wrote. “It is ILLEGAL.”

The whole event was caught on camera, thanks to a similar incident in 2012, which caused the Democratic headquarters to install cameras.

And I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that it was the same person but of course that crossed my mind,” Goldenfield said according to the Washington Post. “We just need to have a little more specifics and then hopefully we’ll bring the perpetrators to be accountable.”

Deputies met with the political officials to review video, only revealing that a dump truck was involved.  However, no arrests have been made.

Todd Starnes, reporting on the incident for Fox news writes;

“A similar thing happened to me during the last Clinton campaign speech. There was so much fertilizer spewing from my flat screen that I had a crop of butter beans growing in my den.”

The pile of dung was described as about 15 to 20 feet wide and 3 feet tall. The muck was dumped near the entry way where a sign read “SMILE YOU’RE ON CAMERA.” The stinky load was described as being so high the only word visible from the sign was “SMILE.”


Photo via Fox News

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