Pig Killed, Head Set Ablaze on American Flag in Portland

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A pig killed and its bloody head set ablaze on an American flag in Portland is just one “statement” that the terrorist rioters made toward police and America. Make no mistake here, this action is not just against police, it’s against America – it just happens to be cruel and inhumane and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If they’ll whack the head off an innocent pig, they’ll happily kill police officers, babies, dogs, and anything or anyone else that gets in their way. They are evil, plain and simple. (Daily Wire)

It’s one thing to love pork to eat, and quite another to use them as a sacrifice to the hate message of communist anarchists.

Portland police “rescued” a pig wrapped in a blanket back in June and reportedly returned it to its owner. BIG mistake.

Authorities now believe that the evil bastards had planned to kill the pig back then, but stopped.  The fact that it was “sleepy” simply meant that it was likely drugged.

On July 31, a bloody severed pig’s head with a police hat was placed on an American flag and set ablaze near the Justice Center in Portland.

While the narrative of fake news media is that the deployment of federal agents caused the violence in Portland, the violence was going on long before the agents arrived. In fact, since the rumor that the Feds were leaving supposedly dropped the violence level…then we have this disgusting display of hate. And it’s not the first one – they’ve done it before. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the federal agents. And the leadership of Oregon and Portland need to wake up.

The terrorists seem to be killing pigs as a matter of course in their penchant to be assholes.

Whoever owns the farm where the pigs are coming from is either a victim of pig rustling or is complicit  in the riots.  Will anyone investigate these incidents? Probably not in the communist city of Portland. As far as the Portland Police go, they should stop being obtuse and start paying attention to why a pig might be wrapped in a blanket in a downtown area of a city the size of Portland.

If anyone is investigating, prove it by prosecution. But I won’t hold my breath. A pig killed and set ablaze on an American flag is a threat and those who did it should be treated as terrorists. And just as a point of reference, did you know that animal cruelty is a psychological pointer toward violent crimes? The Portland cabal of leftists is a dangerous, violent cult of hate…they must be stopped.

Featured photo: screenshot via Andy Ngo video


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