Phoenix Shooting and House Fire – 5 Dead

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Phoenix Shooting and House Fire – 5 Dead

At 6:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, police and fire first responders were called to a residence in Phoenix, Arizona for  an active shooter. The unknown caller said that some of the people in the residence had been shot in what was a domestic situation. When they arrived, the house was on fire.

phoenix shooting

Twitter photo of Firefighters on top the residence in Phoenix

The police dodged bullets and donned protective gear in order to remove the victims from the residence. At that point the shooter was still alive. Firemen climbed up to the roof to fight the fire from there.

Unclear details

The shooter was a brother/son of the victims. A 12 year old girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but later died, bringing the death toll to 5, including the shooter. All were members of the same family.

The Mayor and Police Chief praised the heroic efforts of the fire and police as they brought the victims out of the residence in spite of the gunshots. They described the scene as “unspeakable violence.”

Authorities have not yet released names of the victims. Details are not available on motive or what might have precipitated the conflagration and shooting.

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