Phoenix Carjacker Brought Knife To Gunfight

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Arizona – We’ve all heard the old adage, ‘never bring a knife to a gunfight.’ One Phoenix carjacker apparently didn’t get the memo on Wednesday and now he’s dead.

A 19 year old man was filling up at a Circle K gas station on Wednesday at around 1:30 a.m. near Baseline Road in Phoenix. As he sat in his vehicle with the driver’s door open, a woman came up in an attempt to distract him, according to Fox10Phoenix.

Mirrors, mirrors, people. Cars have mirrors. And this young man had enough ‘situational awareness’ to pay attention to what was occurring in them.

The 19 year old male saw a man creeping up behind the car with a knife in his hand. As soon as the suspect got to the driver’s door, he demanded the keys to the car.

Nope, not today. The driver was armed – retrieved his gun, and shot the would-be Phoenix carjacker dead. He immediately called police and waited for them to arrive.

The woman, identified as Viviana Aldrete, 28, fled the scene and was arrested where she was hiding at a nearby residence on Thursday. She was charged with one count of 1st-degree felony murder and armed robbery.

Arizona requires a person to be 21 to obtain a concealed carry permit, but it allows 18-20 year olds to open carry. For this 19 year old, it was a life-saver. He is unlikely to face any charges.

Why are gun activists moving to raise the age for purchasing a firearm to 21, but actively begging to lower the age of voters to 16? It makes no sense. They won’t entrust 18-20 year olds with a gun, but they’ll let 16 year olds vote when their life experience is seriously limited. As we’ve written before, young people aged 17 can join the military where they are exposed to guns of all kinds. But gun activists continue to push for the age to be raised. It’s crazy.

  • matt tobias

    I live in Commiefornia, and here, the attacker with the knife would have been considered the “victim”. A helpless victim of this Capitalist system, just trying to earn a dishonest living, and killed by an evil GUN owner. I’m hoping this sickness doesn’t continue spreading to other states. God save our nation.

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