Phoenix Armed Robber Taken Down by Customers, Then Robbed

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A 17 year old Phoenix armed robber who allegedly decided to rob a QwikTrip convenience store got a fast, if rough, lesson in Karma after customers tackled him, pinned him down, and robbed him of the gun and something from his pocket.

The incident occurred on August 21 and was reported by KNXV. The teen walked into the QwikTrip at Bell road and 19th Ave in Phoenix, Arizona, and pulled a gun. He pointed it at the clerk and several customers, then attempted to leave with $300 in cigarettes.

Karma strikes

Suddenly, a customer tackled him to the ground, and several other customers piled on. As the teen reached for the gun he had tucked in his waistband, another customer entered the store and kicked him in the head, knocking him unconscious.

One customer took his gun and made off with it. Another took an unknown item out of the teen’s pocket and left the store. When police arrived, customers were holding the teen for them. He was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

The I dint do nufin’ defense.

When police interviewed him, he said he didn’t remember trying to rob the store, and said he didn’t own a firearm. (Does that mean he stole that too?)

Of course, that could be from the massive kick to the head. It is unclear if he will have any lasting effects from getting whalloped.

Except…the store surveillance camera caught it all, and  it corroborated the narrative of the customers.  The teen was charged with aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery.

Rough Neighborhood

A couple of the comments on this story in Blue Lives Matter were humorous:

“So..the robber was attack by others who proceeded to steal the gun and money? It must be a very rough part of the neighborhood if robbers aren’t safe. HAHAHAAHA”

“rough neighborhood lol”

Police are likely investigating the theft of the gun and money from the suspect, although we could not find any updates online.


Featured photo- screenshot via Blue Lives Matter


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