Phoenix, Arizona – Six People Shot After Verbal Altercation

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Police officials told reporters that one 18 year old woman is deceased, five others were shot after a verbal altercation at the Payless Inn in downtown Phoenix, Arizona at 25th and East Van Buren.

Two men reportedly came to the hotel and got into a verbal altercation at around 11:30 a.m. on January 13. They were on the second floor of the Payless Inn when the argument took place. One of them took out a handgun and began shooting.

According to authorities, three people are in “extremely critical” condition, one is in serious, and another had a minor injury and was treated at the scene. The suspect is among the people transported to the hospital. It was not immediately clear which condition the suspect is in.

The victims range in age from 18-41. Three males and three females were shot.

Police are currently searching for another adult male, who may have been with the suspect at the time of the shooting. They do not believe there is any threat to the public at this time.

Some of the comments on the incident stated that the Payless Inn was a known place for drug trafficking.

Of course, the anti-gunners all came out of the woodwork to claim stronger gun control laws would have prevented this. Criminals do not obey the laws of any kind, let alone gun laws. But since this was a hothead who didn’t think about anyone but himself, it is highly unlikely telling him he couldn’t have a gun would have made any difference at all.


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