Philly Riots, Looting, After Police Shooting. Truck Rams Police

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At least 30 police officers were injured, 30 people arrested, and one police officer sustained a broken leg after Philly riots erupted when a Black man was fatally shot by police in the Cobb’s Creek neighorhood.  The man, Walter Wallace Jr, had a knife and charged at police when they responded to a report of an armed man in West Philadelphia on Monday.


Police fatally shot Walter Wallace Jr in front of his mother, who was attempting to stop him from wielding the knife. He failed to comply with orders to drop the weapon and was shot approximately 10 times. He was within around 10 feet from the officers when he was shot. The officers who shot him were also the ones who took him to the hospital.

Walter Wallace’s father asked why the police didn’t “use a taser.” City officials said they’d answer some of the tougher questions with the investigation. Some witnesses stated the man didn’t lunge at police. You can decide for yourself in the video below.

Philly riots and looting

It didn’t take long before the videos posted on social media riled up the crowd. Angry rioters and looters were cheered on by those videoing the incidents. Police cars were set on fire, businesses looted, all excuses for violence.

Fox reported:

The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed to Fox News that two women and four men were arrested in looting at Snipe Sneaker Stores, four men were arrested in looting at the American Kids Store, seven men were arrested in looting at three Rite Aid locations,  one man was arrested in looting at Jessabelle Restaurant and five juveniles were charged with looting at a Foot Locker.

At one point, a pickup truck driven by a Black male rammed into the police line, injuring several officers and breaking one police sergeant’s leg. Other officers were injured when struck with rocks and bottles.

According to videographer Shane Murphy, police were forced to retreat on several occasions during the night after being pelted with bricks, rocks and bottles. Looters even broke into a police van. Five police vehicles and one Fire Department vehicles were damaged, with one being set on fire. In one case, the SWAT team had to be called when violent looters used explosives to break into one of the stores.

How does this violence defeat racism? It doesn’t. None of these violent riots are saving Black people from police – they are causing police to arm up further, and even devastate the ranks of law enforcement. First responders are the lifeline of America. Without them many more thousands of people would die. If Walter Wallace Jr had not been foolish, he would still be alive.

His family stated that he had suffered from “mental problems” for years. Why didn’t they get him some help? The Philly riots harmed Black business owners as well as others.

Featured photo: screenshot from Action News of looters


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