Philly Poll Watchers Denied Entry, Voting Machines Briefly Down in GA

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It seems that in every single election, there are issues across the nation in various places. Either the voting machines are changing the vote or they go down totally. In Spalding County, Georgia this morning, the voting machines went down for a period of time and paper ballots had to be used in their place. Today in Pennsylvania, Certified GOP poll watchers were denied entry to some of the voting areas.

Poll watchers denied entry

“You’re not letting me in?” Poll watcher


(Note the obnoxious Twitter “fact check” on that tweet.)

voter fraud

As if that wasn’t enough chaos for the day, Spalding County, Georgia had their machines go down. They finally came back on line, but not until after paper ballots had to be rushed to the voting sites. The paper ballots were put in cardboard boxes, to the chagrin of voters.

“Just the process that they’re using right now, we’re putting our ballots on a cardboard box and they’re saying they’re gonna put it in a suitcase and take it downtown for it to be counted. To me, that’s just not securing my vote enough for me. I put my vote in but I feel like it’s not gonna count.” Wilbert Blackman

Some people returned later in the day after the machines were back up and running, although there will still intermittent issues. How did this happen? County workers uploaded information to the poll pads in an incorrect manner.

Donald Trump won Spalding County in 2016.

WSB-TV reported,

Earlier Tuesday morning, Spalding County Elections Supervisor Marcia Ridley urged everyone to be patient and assured voters that they will be able to cast their ballots. She said they have no plans to stay open past 7 p.m. unless there is a court order.

If you are in line by 7 p.m., you are allowed to cast your ballot even if it it goes into the night.

Lines at 8 am when the polls opened here in Idaho were long and it was cold. But as Rush Limbaugh admonished all Republicans: “Stand in that line and don’t get out of it until you vote.” We did. We hope everyone goes forward undaunted, in spite of the inevitable issues.

Featured photo: a GOP poll watcher is denied entry to a polling station in Philadelphia.


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