Philadelphia – The Real “Wild, Wild West”

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Philly SWAT team securing the crime scene after a gunman went on a rampage in the West Philadelphia neighborhood.

Correction: The police officer who was shot survived.

Anyone from the Philadelphia region knows the “Wild, Wild West” is the nickname for West Philadelphia. I’ve worked there over the years and it’s a heavily crime infested area but it’s also home to a large, relatively stable lower middle class African American neighborhood. It isn’t as bad as North Philly but it’s not too far behind. This weekend it lived up to its nickname and then some:

PHILADELPHIA: A gunman first ambushed a Philadelphia police sergeant late Friday night and then went on a shooting rampage killing a young woman and wounding two law enforcement officers and three other civilians before police shot him to death.

shootikng rampagePast story:

In case you forgot, West Philadelphia was where another Philly Police Officer was ambushed and nearly killed back in January. Police Officer Jessie Hartnett was shot multiple times by a Muslim terrorist, who by his own admission was acting on behalf of ISIS.

The terrorist pledged allegiance to the Islamic terrorist group and carried out his ambush on the officer without warning or provocation. Despite being seriously wounded by gunfire, Officer Hartnett was able to chase down the terrorist and take him down with return gunfire, total badass. Last night’s shooting was eerily similar to the one that nearly claimed Officer Hartnett’s life:


Sgt. Sylvia Young.

Sgt. Sylvia Young, 46, who was sitting inside the car, was shot several times after Glenn fired off 18 shots, Ross said at a Saturday afternoon news conference. Her gun was hit as well. A 19-year veteran assigned to North Philadelphia’s 22d Police District, Young on Friday was working with a task force in West Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Police flood the area after a shootout that left the gunman dead.

This time (at least at this point) there seems to be no connection to terrorism. The shooter has an extensive criminal record with a known grudge against the police and in particular Parole Officers:

According to court records, Glenn had a history of drug-possession convictions in Philadelphia. He had also been arrested and charged in connection with a gang-related rape in a November 2009 incident, but these charges were later dropped.

The shooter has been in and out of jail for many years. Once again we see the familiar pattern: a violent street predator, drug dealer, “accused” rapist, more than likely with serious mental health issues is out of jail and snaps. He not only shot and seriously maimed this Police Sergeant, he wounded another officer in the final shootout, wounded at least three other civilians and killed an innocent woman who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


I thought black lives mattered?

The handgun used by this criminal maniac reportedly had the serial number obliterated once again destroying the left’s gun control argument. Criminals like this shouldn’t be on the streets let alone possess firearms.

But Philadelphia no longer uses crime control techniques like “Stop and Frisk” because of “community” backlash. So the “community” more often than not that would benefit most from these police procedures (like the Wild, Wild, West) must endure the consequences of their choices.

Those who cry racism from the highest mountains should take a step back and open their eyes. A black felon, shot black police officers, in a black neighborhood and wounded and killed innocent black civilians. I thought black lives mattered?

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